Low budget Mini Inverter Kerala

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Low budget Mini Inverter : It is a common thing in our place to run out of current during monsoon season. But today most households have bought an inverter and found a solution to this. However, it is often not possible for many ordinary people to buy an inverter at such a high price. Also, for street vendors, running out at night can be a big problem. Shops usually charge a lot of money to buy an inverter of good quality. Here’s how to set up a good quality inverter in your home for a very low price in such a situation.

Using a mini inverter like this makes it easy to turn on two or three lights and a DC fan at home when there is no electricity. It is also possible to charge the mobile. These mini inverters come in two main versions. One is the metal version and the other is the plastic body type. They are designed in such a way that you can carry them anywhere if you take the mini type inverter. They are designed to be used as an emergency lamp in case of emergency situations. It is portable and very lightweight so it can be easily carried anywhere. beautifully designed in yellow and black combination. On the sidelines, the specs, such as noise free, mobile charging and DC fan capability, are all notable features. It is designed to be charged with solar and is very eco-friendly.

Each indication can be detected by the LED lights provided there. On the left side there is a switch to turn on the button, a mobile charging port, a section to connect to the solar panel, the facility to illuminate the light in two modes, and a port for connecting 3 CFL lights and a DC fan. Only 10 or 12 volt lights can be used. An extra fuse is provided to prevent overcurrent. The switches are made of essentially good quality.

This mini inverter is also available with 6 hours battery backup and one year replacement guarantee. These can also be purchased wholesale also. The plastic mini inverter is priced at Rs 2,000 and the metallic inverter is priced at Rs 2,500.

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