Whoscall – The caller ID and block App Review – know details of call from Unknown number

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One of the major problems faced by all phone users is the incoming calls from unknown numbers and often the loss of money. But if the call comes from an unknown number, it can be edited accurately to avoid such scams to some extent. Although there are many different types of apps available today, the truth is that many do not work properly. But here’s an app that you can use to track anonymous calls coming to your phone with complete confidence. Let’s see what are the benefits of using this application.

Before that, if a phone number coming to your phone is spam, let’s see how they hide it. If you receive a call from a number with a feature called NO caller ID, you will see it as an unknown caller. They enter *67 before the number. This will automatically block the caller ID of your number.

The first thing you can do to find out whose call is coming to your number is to contact your phone company, as all incoming calls will be recorded there. Therefore, in case of any unwanted calls, contact the company immediately and inform them of this information. Understand that they asked for the exact date and time when they called you. You will also need to change your name and address.

Unknown numbers can be identified using a system called Trap Call. This will allow you to find out the name, phone number, and blacklist the number. To set up such a service go to settings on Android phones and select the phone option, use block number and turn on block unknown colleges. This will give them a message that you will not accept the call.

Using an app called ‘whoscall’ can block unwanted calls coming to your phone so that they can no longer make calls. The application size is 17 MB. Used by over 10 million people, this app currently has a 4.4 star rating. Let us see how to use such an application.

Whoscall App

How to use Whoscall – The caller ID and block App

Install the whoscall app from the Play Store on your phone. When you open the app, you will see a screen called identify unknown calls. This lets you know the unknown numbers coming to your phone and can block unwanted numbers with the block call system. Spam calls can be detected if they are blocked by others. You can know the unknown numbers by typing the number. This will allow you to know the name of the caller.

Whoscall – The caller ID and block App digitkerala

Incoming and outgoing calls on your phone can be secured using the Trust Worthy option. This way only the required calls come to your phone. You can send messages to anyone with the Safe SMS Messenger option. You who have used Who’s Call Premium can also use more features in this one app. This app is definitely very useful.


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