Storme Timer Socket – Automatic Power Cut-off Smart Plug

Increasing Electricity bill is a major problem in all our homes. It is not uncommon to find a way to find in this, even if there are many ways. This is because it is almost impossible to avoid the use of TV, fridge and washing machine completely. If the standard equipment is in a standby mode, they will definitely use a certain current. Therefore, 10% of our monthly electricity bill is due to devices operating in this standby mode. But here is an introduction to a device that can control this overused power.

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By using the timer socket of a company called’ STROME,’ you can reduce the electrical charge of the devices in the home standby model. A microcontroller is fitted inside this switch-shaped product. This way the power will automatically shut off after a certain time that we set. This means that when your charger or whatever you need is connected to this socket with a timer, it will turn off after a proper interval. The numbers 1,2,4,6 are given to set the interval. This will automatically turn off at the end of the interval when a time is set according to your needs.

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These are the most commonly used situations where the TV set top box and gaming console can be used. Because we often forget to use such tools. These will take the current bill as long as the standby model is lying. You can also use this one tool with Mosquito repellent in this way. Mosquito repellent is on all night in all our homes. However, regular use of these can cause a variety of health problems. In this case, if you set a time interval and use these, it will automatically turn off after that time. This way, the power that stays on all night is not wasted. If you set the interface while charging your mobile laptop, you will get 100% battery without any extra power. When using fast chargers on mobiles it can cause overheating but using such a device can eliminate that problem collect They can be used on international devices even if they are plugged into Indian sockets. You can buy these on online websites like Amazon. The price is Rs 700. It is definitely a very useful tool to reduce the current bill.

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