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Washing machine Only 2,500 : Today, there are very few homes in our place that do not use fridge and washing machines. But if you go to the store to buy a new fridge and washing machine, they will charge a lot for it. It is not often the case that such a large sum of money is paid to the common man. But the lack of a washing machine in all the homes where the elderly live alone is very difficult. In addition, the constant use of the washing machine can increase the electricity bill. Therefore, there are many houses that do not buy washing machines. But if you get a washing machine that works in such a short time that you can get the electricity bill at a very low price, in the amount you need. Here is one such washing machine.

This washing machine is very affordable as it is made in such a way that it can wash clothes in just 10 minutes with different storage capacity of 6 liters to 8 liters.Murukesan, a native of Coimbatore with 40 years of experience in the home appliance industry, invented such a washing machine under the brand name LDI. Such machines are manufactured by her own company Devi Lakshmi Industrial. They are manufactured with great care so there is no doubt about the performance of the motors.

It requires just 145 watts of power to run. It takes just 10 minutes to measure the fabric on this one machine that can be operated very easily by anyone. You can contact them at any part of the one year warranty.These are not made with great technology, but can be delivered at a very low price by delivering the product directly from the company to the consumer. It weighs just 11 kilograms. Therefore very little space can be found and run. Already tens of thousands of people in Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Karnataka are buying and using this product and all of them are satisfied with this one product.

They have now delivered such a product to Kerala in a warrant of one year. It also comes with a price tag of just Rs 2,500 + GST. Those who want to buy this washing machine which uses less electricity at a very low price can contact their company in Coimbatore directly. The contact number is given below.

Contact -9345938546

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