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Careplex vitals app  : The spread of covid is creating a major crisis in our country. Many die without proper treatment. In other words, when this disease affects the lungs, someone still unaware of it and dies. Most households today have a pulse oximeter, but it is not to buy such a device at a very high price. In this case, the oxygen level in the body can be monitored through an app invented by a startup company based in Kolkata. This app is developed in such a way that you can find the oxygen level by using the camera flash on your fingertips. Let’s see what makes this app and its uses.

You can use this app by registering through the application’ careplix vital’. The low availability of pulse oximeter in the market at present is increasing the importance of such an application. This app works using photoplethysmography technology. It works by using the infrared technology in the camera of the phone. The scan starts when the finger touches the infrared of the camera and the PPG graph is determined according to the variation in light intensity. Pulse rate, SPO2 can also be found using this graph.

CarePlix App

Since careplix is ​​a registration application, the application analyzes finger strength using Artificial Intelligence. Depending on how accurately the finger is placed, the reading will be accurate. It is stored in the cloud storage with the help of internet on the phone.

Care plix co founder monosij sengupta says the idea behind is to increase cardiovascular mortality. It was inspired by his father, a doctor. One such company was started in 2016. Phase 1 was completed in December after undergoing various types of alterations. This app works with 96% accuracy in heart beat checking and 98% in oxygen saturation detection.

How to use CarePlix App ?

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Care plix Install and open this application on your phone and grant all the permissions requested. When asked to login with your email id and password, click the Register button below it, set your info and username and password, and click the Register button if terms & condition are accepted. Then log in to the app and click on scan Vital. Now you can see how to use it. Place the index finger of the right hand on the back of the phone, completely covering the flashlight and the main camera.

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However, special care should be taken not to place the camera in such a way that the light comes in and is not fully received. Place your finger and click Start Scan. Give the permission you are asking for now. Now the flashlight will light up and warm up slightly in the worm. Be especially careful not to touch the finger. Oxygen level, heart rate and respiration rate were lower during the scan. View Vital History You can view and scan information at any time. With one of these you also know the oxygen level accurately.


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