How to start amazon easy store in Kerala

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amazon easy store  : Today online stores are used for all kinds of shopping purposes. With online websites like Amazon and Flipkart you have anything to buy as you get electronic products and textiles as grocery items. The fact that the products are cheaper than the usual shops and that you can get the products you want in mind increases the popularity among the common people. If in the beginning there was no delivery of such establishments in rural areas, today online websites are making deliveries anywhere in our place. But it is now possible to not only buy goods but also sell them through outlets like Amazon and Flipkart. All you have to do is pick up their franchise. This way you can make a huge profit. Here’s how to put one together for use with your Amazon outlet.

It usually takes you about six days to deliver an item from Amazon. In this way, even if you order goods through Easy Store, the delivery will take the same time. This means that you can earn a steady income if you take a franchise like this. It also gives high returns. That means you get about 10 percent profit on a product you sell for. By taking a franchise like this you will also get Amazon delivery service. It is also worth noting that the store can be maintained at a very low risk. It only has a display of all the products. This means that only the display of the TV and speaker will be available in such shops. After seeing this display, the customer will order the goods. But what happens here is that instead of ordering by phone, you visit your outlet and order from there. You deliver that product to the customer.

The qualification required to start such an outlet is that the person starting the outlet must have a plus two pass and the age limit should be between 20 and 45 years. Knowledge of purchasing computer knowledge shop should be available in a 200 sq ft room, outlet is in ground floor. These are the requirements for starting an outlet.

Amazon is launching such an outlet in association with a number of third parties. In this way, the profit for a company like Amazon can be minimized when the products are returned. This is because people are less likely to return when they come directly to the outlet and make a purchase. This way, as soon as a new product enters the market, it will be brought to the outlet and the customer will see it and buy the desired product. And only 30 per cent of people in India still make online purchases. Therefore, it is possible to bring such an idea to more people through this outlet.

All you have to do to start such an outlet is fill in your name, phone,address and other information about the place where you want to start the store in the form that appears when you click the register button and apply. But you have to spend Rs 3 lakh to start such an outlet. But by taking such an outlet, you can get free Amazon service delivery. Bringing this method to those who do not know online shopping will also get more customers. And if you can buy the goods in a way that gives more experience to those who are familiar with you, then you can make a huge profit. You also can make a huge profit by starting an Amazon outlet like this.

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