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CCTV Camera Cheep Price : It is safe to say that today there are very few homes and institutions in our place that do not use CCTV. CCTVs are very useful for quick detection of burglars at night and elsewhere. It is also very helpful if they are used in farms and so on. But if someone who does not know much about CCTV usually goes to the shop and buys such a product, they will charge a huge amount for it. Also, you may have to pay again to get it fitted. But today we are getting to know about a place where CCTV is available at a very low price so that you can easily fit it completely yourself without anyone’s help.

You can buy CCTVs here at very affordable wholesale and retail prices. Voice recording with a DVR that can connect up to four audio is also sold here at a very low price. Outdoor cameras that can be fitted outside of homes and establishments are designed to prevent anything from happening even if water applies. It is available with one megapixel and 1.3 megapixel cameras. All the 2.4 MB CCTV portable cameras are available for Rs 500. Also available are connectors and wires. High quality copper wires are sold here at very low prices. Different types of cables can be purchased for Rs.

You can connect via USB and Wi-Fi for Rs 70. HDMI cables that can be connected to DVRs and TVs are also cheaper. The cables, which are up to 8 meters long, are available at low prices for punching machines of various companies. They are told that all the latest technology devices like door phones that can be fitted outside the house are available here at affordable prices. The shop also has CCTVs that can be used to upload photos to mobile phones. Here you will find a large collection of DVR systems of different brands, small and large.

You can choose up to four cables and up to 8 cables to your liking. Also available is HD TV . For those who want to buy most of the CCTV related equipment you need such as good quality records, CCTV cables at a low price, can contact Bushra elecronic CCTV at Chandni Chowk, Delhi. The contact number is given below.

Contact -9821042694

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