How to Track Stolen Phone

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How to Track Stolen Phone  : One of the things that often happens to all of us is that the smartphone is taken somewhere and forgotten, lost or stolen. The first thing we do in such cases is to find out where the phone is now and whether we can delete all the files and photos in it. This is because today almost everyone does transactions like banking using smartphones, so losing a phone can even lead to the loss of money once it gets into someone else’s hands. In such cases we often go to mobile shops and ask if there is any kind of solution. But if we lose our phone, it will not be a big deal for someone else to find it. But for us it is a very big thing. Here’s how to find your lost phone if you’ve lost your phone in such a situation.

If you have lost your phone, the first thing you can do is go to Google and search for ‘find my android device’ and you will get a link called Android Find my device. Click on it. Then enter your Gmail ID and password. This means that you must pay special attention to enter the email id provided on your phone. You should now see a map-like window. On its left side you can see all the phones using email id, in which you can select the lost phone and select the location. The exact location of your current phone can be seen on the map.

But if you are searching with someone else’s phone, you should search using incoginito tab. Doing so will close the browser as soon as you need it. If you need to ring the phone after finding the phone in this way, the phone will ring when you use the play sound option given below, or if the phone does not ring, you can use the SECURE DEVICE option given below. This will give you a message typing bar, where you can type any type of message. The message to contact you is who owns your phone now and will be able to see it on the screen later. This way your phone will be locked and then he will not be able to use it.

But if your phone has been stolen, he may not want to return it. In this case, you can use the ERASE DEVICE option. Clicking on it will require you to re-enter your Gmail password and erase all the files on your phone. This is how Google helps you find lost Android phones.

But if you are using an iPhone, all you have to do is google it and find’ Find my iPhone’. Now you will get a link and click on it. You will now see a window containing the map. As mentioned earlier you can lock the phone by typing in the phone number or typing the message. The first option is to ring the phone using Play Sound, the second option is to message and block the phone, and the third option is to erase the phone. This means that the same methods used on an Android phone are followed here.

But the most important thing to do on your phone is if you are using an Android phone, select Settings and then turn on Find My Device after selecting Security. If you are using the phone in the same way, turn on find my ipad. This way you can easily find your phone if your phone is online.

However, it is not possible to find a phone in this way when the phone and the net are off. In such cases you should immediately contact the company that has your SIM and take steps to block it. Otherwise you will be responsible for any problems that may have been caused by the person who got the phone.

If none of the above methods work, lock the SIM and register the complaint with the police immediately. Similarly, once social media sites like WhatsApp are blocked, you will not be able to log in with another device.Then take a duplicate SIM and open whats app.This makes it unusable on older devices. Therefore, if it is confirmed that the phone is lost, the SIM should be locked immediately.

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