interlock bricks home in Kerala – low budget house

interlock bricks home in kerala – low budget house : A home is the dream of all of us. But when it comes to building a house, many people give up on their dream home. This is because taking out home loans and finishing a home can often lead to huge financial losses later on. And many people are skeptical that building a house at a low cost can include everything we want. Building a house using very low materials can lead to sudden damage and various types of damage. Here’s how to build the house you want in such a situation at very low cost.

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Interlocking blocks can be used to build walls to reduce the cost of building a house. Such interlocking bricks are made of ordinary clay or clay with some cement in it and a bonding agent. It is then loaded into and pressed, which is why it is so energy efficient. A space may have been provided on the side of such blocks. There are mainly two sizes of interlock are available in the market today. I.e. blocks that can be used on the outside walls of the house and blocks that can be used on the inside walls. As the size of the blocks decreases, the usable space increases. These are locked to each other and work in the form. The market price of interlocking blocks ranges from Rs.29 to Rs.32.

UPVC windows can be used to reduce the cost of home construction. It is easy to fix and has low maintenance cost. So there will be no such thing as expansion that happens with windows made of ordinary wood. It also helps to reduce dust and noise and lasts a long time. Also the doors can use steel doors that come with the same finish as the wood. If you choose branded steel doors like Tata, you can use the doors for a long time without any damage. They can be easily manufactured and fitted at home.

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Gypsum board, a natural material, can be used to plaster a house. You can easily apply it directly on the walls at low cost. It also has good cooling and does not need to be locked later. Today you have to pay Rs 32 per square feet for this material which can be done quickly.

The next thing to look out for is the concreting of the house. The concreting is done using two tiles inside. How to do it can reduce heat, reduce cost and reduce thickness. The air gap between the tiles helps in this.Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions. You can also use tiles if you avoid gypsum plastering in kitchens and bathrooms. When using interlocking blocks, there is a risk of moisture retention, so it is important to pay special attention.

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