Portable air compressor – tyre puncture kit

Portable air compressor - tyre puncture kit
Portable air compressor - tyre puncture kit
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One of the things that often happens when we travel is the inability to move forward due to a tire puncture. Often, when the vehicle is parked in an unoccupied area, nothing can be done. But if your vehicle has to stand on the road with a tire puncture like this, here is how to move the vehicle forward without anyone coming from the mechanic shop. That means there are often no mechanic shops in isolated places when traveling at night and so on. This is a technology that is very useful in all such situations.

This kit comes with various nozzles that can be connected to all the devices and a pressure meter is provided in the air compressor itself. With this one tool you can use it on toys, small vehicles and large vehicles.

Nozzles can be used according to the pressure required for each tire. The connection is provided from the vehicle’s cigarette lamp socket. Can be connected via battery. To connect to the nozzle, simply insert it into the inside of the pump and press on the back. You can select the nozzles according to your needs. A double wire is required to connect to a 12 volt battery. Because then it is not possible to connect directly. The accompanying wire is 3 meters long so suitable for all four tires. Connect the wires to looking at the positive and negative. The nozzle can be inflated through the compressor by lowering it inside the tire.

When used in vehicles, the cigarette lamp should be connected through the socket. It works as soon as you connect to it. Therefore no particular switch is required. Then connect it directly to the pump. Each tire can be selected on the nose according to the pressure. Also the tire pressure may be on the glass of the vehicle or something else and pay special attention to fill the air with the pressure meter after looking at it accurately. For those who do not know the tire pressure guide, you can search it through Google. You can purchase such products online. Watch the video to learn more.


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