Animal Resources Development scheme in Kerala 2021-2022

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There are many people in our state who have lost their jobs due to corona. Many who used to work outside are now in a situation where they are not going to work. In such a scenario, the Central and State Governments have come up with a number of schemes but such benefits do not reach the common people. The reason is that many people are not aware of such schemes. But here we are talking about a Rs.1 lakh financial assistance scheme for sheep rearing on an industrial basis. Let’s see who can be a part of this goat breeding project and what are the requirements for it.

Applications for this financial assistance scheme, which is being implemented in all the districts of Kerala, should be submitted on different dates in each district. This is a commercial goat rearing project to be implemented by Animal Resource Development in the year 2021-22. A unit required for raising 20 Malabari sheep will get 1 lakh. As per the plan, 150 units were implemented in the state last year. The government spent Rs 150 lakh on this last year.

The project is currently available in Ernakulam, Thrissur and Thiruvananthapuram districts. When submitting applications for commercial goat rearing, special care should be taken to ensure that forms filled and submitted. Applicants belonging to SC/ST category are also required to provide the required document to prove it. Applications can be submitted by people who have attended a goat breeding training class under the Animal Husbandry Department. then only the government will provide financial assistance of Rs 1 lakh for goat rearing. At the same time 9 cents of the land must be owned or leased. The relevant document should be submitted with the application. Widows will be given priority for this scheme.

Copy of Aadhar card of the applicant, ration card copy, tax receipt in the name of the applicant, proof of lease, certificate of participation in goat rearing training, certificate required to prove caste for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes at the time of submission of applications. These Copies must be provided.

Those from Thrissur district should submit applications before June 30, those from Ernakulam district before July 7 and those from Thiruvananthapuram district before July 15. If you have any queries regarding the project, you can contact the veterinary hospital under your panchayat. Currently, the scheme is being implemented in only three districts but it will be extended to other districts soon. Those who want to be a part of the scheme can register at the veterinary hospital under your panchayat and will be notified at the time of commencement of the scheme.


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