i GEAR Superfan – Portable Desk and Table Fan

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i GEAR Superfan : Power cut is one of the major problems in our place during the monsoon season. In such cases it is common practice to buy an inverter in most homes. But it will cost a lot of money, and today we are looking at an inverter fan that can be used without electricity in such a situation. At the same time, you can learn more about this one inverter fan which has a power bank and low sound and also possible to charge the phone. This fan works by using inverter technology, which can be rotated in 180 degree rotation, and is portable. Other features include power bank facility and height adjustment. It is called a super fan just like the usage.

You can buy these from websites like Amazon for a low price. The box is provided with a charger, user manual and fan that describe how to use it. An emblem for opening the fan, a port for charging and a port for charging the phone are provided on the outside. The fan can be used just by opening one. You can then adjust the speed to your requirements. There is a small sound but the wind is good and powerful. You can adjust the height as needed and use it while holding the back. It can be used at any angle of your choice. Designed to be carried anywhere on a trip, the price of this fan is around Rs 3,500 but you can buy such a super fan for Rs 2,000 on online websites.

What are the features of using Super Fan?

At a very light weight, with four blades, these super fans are designed to be controlled with a button. Rechargeable and therefore usable even when there is no power, the mobile charging port, four-way speed adjustment, USB port charging and rotation at 180 degrees are all advantages of using such a super fan. Totally the super fan is more worth than its price.

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