Build a DIY Electric Scooter – Electric Scooter Assembling Kerala

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In the face of rising petrol and diesel prices, it is often very difficult for ordinary people to use fuel-efficient vehicles. Many of us are wondering what is the way to overcome such huge petrol costs. That is why the popularity of electric bikes is increased . This is an electric bike that can run 100 km on a 45 minute charge. Let’s see what makes this one electric bike different from other bikes.

If this electric bike is charged with electricity, it will only consume two units of electricity. This means that the bike can run 100 km using two units of current. It can run up to 50 km in hill area and doubles also. They use lithium phosphate batteries. 3500 cycling is obtained from this one battery. Therefore, it offers a three-year replacement warranty and at least 10 years of life. The lithium-titanic battery helps to last longer. This is a battery life of 54 years. It takes about half an hour and a half to fully charge a typical battery, while a lithium titanic battery takes about five minutes to fully charge. But it works from one pump to another. This means that the backup is slightly lower when compressed with lithium phosphate. But fast charging life and more features available.

This bike designed MR.Jijo and took six months to launch such an electric bike. It is designed using a duo model bike. The bike can be charged for 45minutes with a standard plug at home. The vehicle is designed to have a range of 100 kmph using only two units of current. The vehicle is manufactured under the name KECEE. Jijo, who has studied Electronics and Diploma, says that any person with an idea and interest in making his own bike can do so. Prior to this, Jijo also built a pulsar bike with a milege range of 60 km. But he says if there is a law to use such vehicles, it will definitely make a big difference. In this age of rising petrol and diesel prices, the invention of such vehicles is certainly of making importance.


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