Building Permit Fees Kerala

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Many of us have a lot of doubts about building a house. That is why we do not know what paperwork is needed to build a house and how to do it. That is, how much to pay for paperwork in places like the Panchayat Corporation to get the necessary permission to build a house. Let us know exactly what other things are required for that. Find out the approximate cost of a house plan, 3D and permit.

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to building a house, or approaching a local carpenter and drawing a plan according to their architecture. But no matter what dimensions you plan to draw, the government will accept meters, centimeters and millimeters. Therefore, architects and builders draw the plan in meters, centimeters and millimeters. Since there is no exact calculation for drawing up a plan, each person charges a fee for it separately. Each engineer charges a fee based on their brand value. If an architect chooses to lay the plan, they will charge a slightly higher fee, so they will charge between Rs 5 and Rs 10 per square feet for the plan. Another important aspect of drawing a plan is to make a 3D plan of the house. Architect also offers a 3D model that charges Rs 10 per square foot. Non-architect 3D models cost between Rs 3 and Rs 4 per square feet. Some designers draw a plan starting from Rs 4,000 with a fixed amount.

The next thing to do is to get permission from the panchayat or municipality to build the house. But most of them do not take permission like this and when they go to get permission later when there is a problem they will charge you double the amount that should normally be done. That means you must get permission from the Government of India before constructing a building. For this, permission has to be obtained through institutions like Panchayat Municipality Corporation. A building permit is usually issued for a period of five years. If you are unable to complete the homework within these five years, you will need to renew your permit again. But if many do not go ahead with the work without taking such permission, the local government will take action against you if anyone complains. Similarly, if you do not take the notice seriously, you may decide to demolish your own building. Therefore, of course, build a house or building only after obtaining permission.

If you are completing the house work with the help of a contractor or you are finishing the house work with the help of a contractor but any serious legal irregularities come to the notice of the officials then the engineer who takes the permit and the owner of the site will be responsible for it. Therefore, engineers charge Rs 5 per square feet for issuing a permit. In this way, they will provide all the documents required to get a house permit. There are certain documents that the building owner has to correct in order to get the permit. The first document in it is the basis of space. Check that your name is accurate based on the location, and if it is based on multiple heirs, the house built there will not be in your name alone. The second thing to correct is the certificate of possession, which you must purchase from the Village Office. Alternatively it is available through Akshaya Kendras. You will also need to purchase a location sketch from the Village Office. All remaining documents will be corrected by the engineer.

In order to get a permit, a fixed fee has to be paid to the Panchayat, Municipality and Corporation. You have to pay Rs 7 per square feet. But for houses up to 1600 sq ft, they have to pay Rs 3.5 per sq ft. Once the housework is done, you can seek the help of the engineer who completed your housework to get the house number. Or if you are applying for a house number with the help of a new engineer, you will have to write the application on a white paper and submit it to the panchayat. If the house is being built after obtaining an earlier permit, a one-time building tax will be payable at the village office and if it is above 1000 square feet, a luxury fee will also be charged. The luxury tax you have to pay every year is Rs 5,000. If the house is built above 5000 square feet, you will have to pay Rs 7,500 per year for luxury sai. For houses below 3000 square feet, a one-time building tax is payable at the Village Office. This will vary depending on the square feet of your home. You will also have to pay a fixed amount depending on where your house stands. For this you will have to pay a property fee as decided by the panchayath. Before building a house, understand exactly what all the fees you have to pay.


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