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flooring tiles with price : The flooring of a house is very important when building a house. in the old days materials like kavi were used on the floor, today new methods and construction of houses have made it more appealing to everyone to use tile, marble, granite for flooring. Everyone started choosing tiles because they were cheaper and more beautiful to look at. However, most shops charge different prices for different tiles. But today we are getting acquainted with a shop where you can get the tiles you want in your mind at a very low price.

The tiles themselves are available in different designs and colors at low prices. All the tiles that come with the Mac finish are priced at just Rs 95. These can be customized in different colors and designs for the same price. Tiles in 8 * 8 size can be purchased at Rs 65. All of these are very beautiful to look at. Tiles in the size of 1200 * 800 from the Oasis brand are available in a wide range of sizes. Also, tiles from the Somany brand in the same size can be purchased for Rs 85. These are light color and dark color and you can choose the shade as per your wish.

All 2 * 2 size tiles can be purchased for just Rs.45 All these are imported from Gujarat. Therefore, the price will vary according to which the import duty is now a little higher. The largest tile, 8 * 4 size tiles, charges Rs 180 per square feet. The spacer is recommended when using these type of tiles.

Kitchen tile Oasis brand 4 * 2 size tiles can be purchased for Rs 55. These have a nice finish to look at. The product offers kitchen tiles under the brand name Somany at a price of Rs.55 They all come in 2 * 2 size. Tiles of different brands are available in this way at different prices. Everyone chooses tiles with a mostly wood finish in the kitchen.

Vitrified tiles used in the porch of the house come in 16 * 16 size and can be purchased at a price of Rs.50. These can be used upstairs in the bathroom. Because these are waterproof tiles. These can be used more perfectly with epoxy filling. 1 * 1 vitrified tiles used in porch with digital print are priced at Rs. 85 These are very different and beautiful to look at. Tiles used in kitchen walls can be bought in good quality at Rs 25 to Rs 45. These are available in different sizes. They are available in dark and light colors but for the same price. 18 * 12 size tiles used in bathrooms are very low.At the same time, floor tiles can be selected to match. All of these are essentially built with good grip. These are all available in different colors and patterns. All these you can choose the brand of your choice.

Wall cladding tiles in the size of 15 * 10 can be selected with or without glossy finish. Whichever design you choose, they are priced at just Rs 30. For 18 * 12 sizes, the price is Rs 35. These are available in glossy matte finish. If you choose the planks type, you can buy it for Rs 75. These can be used on walls and so on. These can also be used for flooring. It can be used instead of wooden flooring.

Natural stones handcrafted may be a little more expensive but they are nice to look at. These can be purchased for Rs 85. For those come in single piece , the price is Rs 45. These are available in 3 inches to 5 inches aizw. You can also buy granite in piece and slab. The slugs are priced at Rs 120. These are also available in normal finishing and Lepothara finishing.

Those who want to purchase flooring materials at such a low price can contact AD Margin Free Tile and Sanitary, Sooranad, Kollam District. Free delivery is available within 50 km of the shop. Purchases of up to Rs 1 lakh are available for free delivery anywhere in Kerala. Watch the video to see more.

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