Best Online Jobs from Home without Investment

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In this age, Many people struggle to find a job, especially Women are increasingly looking for jobs that can be done at home after marriage. Although there are many such jobs available online today, most of them are paid for. Learn more about this one online job where you have no doubt about getting paid. In general online jobs everyone thinks about how genuine this is. But here’s how to make money through a website called’ Chegg India ‘which is being used by many people. It is a job that can be done full time or part time anywhere in the world. A feeling that you are usually working under someone else does not make this one job perfectly.

Chegg India is a website that can only work whenever you want without feeling any pressure. Teachers in schools outside India offer a lot of subjects for students to do research on. But they do not know the answer to many of these questions. In such cases they rely on websites like Chegg to find it online. There will be an opportunity to do more questions like this during normal exam sessions. You will get around Rs. 168 for each question you answer in this manner. Of this, 7.5% will go to tax. However, you can still get paid for a question within Rs 150. If you know the answers to the questions that students upload, you can either answer them or skip them. But you need to make sure that every work you do is sincere .Therefore pay special attention to answering only known questions.

Chegg puts top leaders like this in their WhatsApp groups every month. The top person is selected based on how many questions are answered. One such top earner can earn over Rs 1 lakh a month. When you answer a question, it can be uploaded to a textbook or by searching online. In addition to direct questions, there are more questions that you need to think about and find answers to. So do not think that you can easily solve an answer. Each answer must be given in full detail to be solved. Each question will be given 10 minutes. During this time, read the letter and choose the question only if you can answer it. The score needs to be maintained above 80% every month. When answering a question you can also provide things like graphs if needed.

You have to pass two tests to get this one job. There are also ways to pass the tests. Because answers can be done without any time limit. So, with the help of someone, you can search the internet and find the questions and select the option. Once you have passed the test, you will need to provide your degree certificate, PAN card verification and bank account details. But many are afraid to upload such information. But what you need to understand is that this one website is 100% genuine. The subjects you can choose from are Business, Accounting Economics, Different Engineering Branches, Mathematics, Computer Science etc..

How to register in chegg india?

First go to Google and type Chegg India. Then click on the sign up button. Here you can see all the information about the website. Enter your mobile number to sign up. Tick ​​the terms and conditions below. After that you can complete the sign up by entering your name, email id and other details. You will need to create and enter a password. You can attend the test by reading all the terms and conditions to attend the test. After that you will be notified within 10 days if you have registered everything and accepted your application.

This is a website that can definitely be used a lot at a time when children are mostly learning online. Since most of the questions are asked by students from outside India, most of questions will be received the time between and 7am. This is a good opportunity for those who want work from home job.

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