Tyre and alloy wheels low price in Kerala –

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Today in our place there are very few houses that do not have at least one vehicle. It is common for a tire to wear out after buying a car and using it for a while. In such a case when they approach any good brand in the shops to buy tires they charge a huge amount. Assuming we can buy second tires we can not say how much its quality will be. Often, tires that are worn out or worn out for a long time get second hand at such a low price. Today we are talking about a place where you can get all the alloy wheels and tires you need for your car at a very affordable price with financial facility.

You can usually get a loan to buy a car or a bike, but you will not get a loan from anywhere to buy tires. But this is a shop where you can buy car and bike tires and pay as EMI .Therefore Bajaj has three options available, the first is the EMI for three months and the interest rate is 6%. The interest rate is 7% for 5 months and 10% for 8 months. You can buy vehicle tires by paying a processing fee only. The limit is said to be up to Rs 50,000. You can purchase any car tires this way. If you buy four tires of a car like the swift in this way, you will have to pay around Rs 40,000 to Rs 45,000. The amount in excess of this one amount should be paid in cash. But when you buy a tire, you only have to pay a processing fee of Rs.500. Bajaj card holders can avail this facility.

Alloy wheels for most vehicles are also available here at low prices. Alloy wheels suitable for cars ranging from Maruti 800 to premium cars are available here. The alloy wheels required for the Maruti 800 card will be available at a price of Rs 17,000 to Rs 18,000. Not only tires but also wheels can be financed in this way. Tires are also available for cars such as BMW and Audi. A tire for a car like the Alto Swift costs between Rs 2,900 and Rs 3,000. Most branded tires can be chosen to your like. 90% of these tires come with an unconditional warranty. This means that if the car’s tire is half worn out, or if it’s two years old, you can pay for the wear and tear and replace the new tire. Once the rope is purchased in this way, anyone can buy the tire by entering the otp that comes with the card number. That means Bajaj products that cost Rs 10,000 can be purchased by paying only Rs 100.

Even bike tires like the Harley Davidson are available here. That is, if you tell them tires you need, they will deliver it later, even if it is not there. Tires for vehicles like the Pulsar start at Rs 1,400 for the front tire and Rs 1,800 for the back tire.

There is a vehicle alignment shop right next to this shop. Here you will find all the accessories you need for your car and bike. Here they provide wheels including fittings for Rs 2500. All vehicles can be purchased this way with a suitable steering wheel. Also, all the perfumes used in vehicles are available in different styles and at low prices. Those who want to buy all the tires and alloy wheels for the car and bike on finance can contact’ Mukkam Tires’ a shop in Kozhikode district. Watch the video to learn more

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