This is how you can own a fancy number for your vehicle!

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If you are a person residing in Kerala and want to register fancy number for your vehicle, you can do it very easily online. The Kerala Government has made all vehicle related services available online.

The vehicle register service has also been made online so that everyone can do it themselves easily. If you see a fancy number and the other person also sees the same number, then both of them have to bid; whoever wins the bid gets that number. If someone else doesn’t see that number, you will get it otherwise made auction.

The auction process is very simple and everything happens online. Its result also comes online and fees also have to be paid online only.

Fancy Number for vehicles in Kerala

Some customers who buy a new vehicle want their vehicle’s register number to be fancy. First of all, you have to check whether the fancy number you are looking at is available or not.

How to check Fancy Number availability in Kerala?

  • Go to Vahan parivahan official website
  • Open this website and select “Search by Number” from the main menu.
  • Now select Kerala state and your RTO from dropdown menu, enter captcha code and then enter the fancy number you want.
  • Click on Check Available button. If available number list has been shown, for example enter 0004, then you need to check the list for availability of fancy number.

How to register for reserved Fancy Number RTO in Kerala?

If you see a Fancy Number and the other person sees the same number, then both of them have to bid, below step to show process of bidding on Fancy Number in Kerala:

  • Visit Vahan parivahan website
  • Login or register new user, sign up with mobile number or Email ID.
  • After Logging in, select “use other services” tab and click on “search by number”.
  • Select number to participate in E Auction. Click on E Auction tab.
  • Click on number Selection to choose your reserved number and click to continue to Register button.
  • Fill application details and click on Submit button.
  • Now you can pay fees and generate fees receipt.

Note: Registration for E auction will start every Sunday 9:00 am to Tuesday (12:00 midnight)

Registered bidder can bid for reserved numbers by following the process given below:

  • Go to Parivahan website
  • Login first and select menu to “Auction Services” and click on “bidding process”.
  • Select Unique Acknowledgement Number.
  • Now click on Bidding Up and then click on Submit button.
  • The successful bidder will get message on registered mobile number and email to make payment.

How to check final auction result for fancy number in Kerala?

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