ELECTRIC WAX WINGS CAR – launched by the PK Group

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In this situation where the price of petrol is increasing day by day, it is not possible for an ordinary person to drive a vehicle with high price of petrol. But the situation is even worse when a vehicle has to be left unused in a house. It is in this context that the popularity of electric vehicles is on the rise. Although electric bikes are very popular in the market today, many people do not dare to use electric cars. Today we are going to talk about an electric vehicle launched by the PK Group, thus reviving the old design. Let’s see what are the features of this vehicle.

Launched by PK Group Enterprises, this vehicle can be used as an electric car. Designed with a reminiscence of the past, this vehicle is the equivalent of a luxury to look at. It’s designed to appeal to those who love older vehicles. This gives us the impression that a vehicle is ahead of us in electric form that was released at the time of the vehicle’s origin. That is to say, at first glance it seems that this is a chariot used by the British Queen and George V. And what many people want is for our vehicle to be able to sit uniquely from other people’s vehicles. This car is a good option for those who think so.

PK Group is the sole dealer of this vehicle in South India. The Delhi-based company, Green Master, has an all-India level dealership in such vehicles. As it is a design made by the company itself, they also hold the patent rights for it. Another feature is that such a vehicle requires a license to drive on the road but no other registration is required. This is one of the slowest moving vehicles in the world.

If you look at the design of the vehicle, there are two LED headlamps on the front and a grill like part on the front side, which is a big attraction in this car. The Green Motors logo is GM on the front. The vehicle is designed to be fully open, with a 4 – seater available but currently a two – seater vehicle, but with an over ‘all design that will help to change in the future. An ISO logo is affixed on the side to confirm the patent of the vehicle.2 Water bottle holders are placed on the side. The two-seater has a driver’s seat and a passenger seat. The Green Motors logo is also featured on the tires. Built to be reminiscent of royal vehicles, this vehicle will surely create a royal impression on anyone.

An additional wheel labeled GOLF CART is provided on the back of the vehicle as it is registered under this one brand. It also includes the company’s website and other information. The vehicle does not require registration and therefore does not need to use a number plate. It is provided on the back in the form of a small box for storing belongings but it does not have a locking facility. The charging unit is housed inside this one boot space. The cable is provided in the same charging port that is normally used for charging at home. The battery needs to be charged for 4 to 5 hours to get 100% charge. You can run it from 100 to 110 km. The speed range is 35 km / h to 40 km / h. The battery is fully charged with just four units of current. 7. Even if you increase the current charge at Rs 50, you can travel 100 km for Rs 30. This vehicle is available not only in one color but also in seven colors. Good leather seats are provided.

An instrument cluster is provided if you look at the design provided on the steering section. It is also worth mentioning that there is no noise when the vehicle is turned on. It uses an 8 volt 1,000 watt battery. There are three different types of batteries available and can be selected by the buyer. The battery is available in 1000, 1200 and 1500. An indicator is provided to show the battery power. The connection to the battery can be turned off and used as needed. All parts are made using the latest technology. A dummy part is provided in left style. A hand is provided on the right side. Once the handbrake is turned on, there will be a power cut to the battery. It comes with a two year warranty battery. And there is no doubt that life expectancy is five to eight years. All 4 brakes used are drum brakes. The body of the vehicle is made entirely of steel. Therefore good assurance is obtained.
Power steering and reverse options are also provided. So you can use this vehicle in the same way you would use any normal car.

There is no doubt that this is a vehicle that can be used by those who want to use a royal vehicle that is not used much by anyone without any fuel cost. It is priced at Rs
2,85,000 but costs around Rs 3 lakh to release, including GST.Those who want to own such a royal electric vehicle can contact PK Group Enterprises located at Malappuram kottakkal .contact details are given below.Watch the video to learn more.

Contact -9447333534

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