How to make interlock tiles at home

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Today, most homes have tiled floors on yard. Such tiles are available in the market in many designs but they all come at a huge price. If in the past it was everyone’s habit to lay a large yard, today everyone chooses to make it more beautiful by laying tiles differently. In addition, areas like the garden are specially provided and such tiles are used to give them more beauty. But if we are contracted a team to tile in this way, or we go and buy it ourselves from a shop, there is a risk of various scams. Here’s how to make the tiles we need to beautify our yard in such a situation. Let’s look at the material required and the method to do it in detail.

Here’s how to make a tile for a small area. For this purpose, three pots of sand and one pot of cement are used. That is, sand and cement should be taken in the ratio of 3: 1. The tile comes in two main colors, Black and Red for black color used the TATA’s Black oxide . Also uses the company’s red oxide as its red color. It can be mixed with cement and used. The next thing you need is the mold needed to shape the blocks. It is available on online websites like Amazon.

The yard should be marked before laying the tile. Then remove all the gravel and clean it thoroughly. Next, check if the blocks are correct where the tile should be placed. By looking at the two molds in this way, it is possible to see if it is a suit. Then mix the previously taken cement and sand. Add a little water at first and only later if needed. Prepare the cement mixture in this way and set aside. Take two scales the size of a cement powder and apply oxidized red oxide to it. Mix well and add a little water. In the same way you can take some cement and mix black oxide into it. Mix the cement and the color well and add a little water to make the required consistency.

The prepared cement mixture should fill only three-quarters of the molding. Then only color can be given. Fill the molding with cement mixture at the rate of one-third on each side. The thinner side of the molding should be applied as follows. This is because the bottom of the tile should be smaller and the top should be larger. Then mix the color and top the mixture. It can be lifted with two nails using a hole in the side of the mold. In this way the four edges can be raised in the same way. Once a mold is done properly the same can be done in the next round. It is also possible to change the color of the blocks after they have been made separately. This way it can be used in the desired place as your needs. You can definitely make a profit out of doing this when you make the blocks yourself and beautify the yard.

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