Sanitary tiles low price in Kerala – Bathroom Floor Tiles

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The main costs when building a house are tiles and sanitary items. Usually when we go to a shop and buy such goods directly or when we contact a contractor or engineer and buy such products, huge losses usually occur. Either the tiles of the type we want in mind are not available according to the budget, or they will be cheaper but they will be of lower quality. That is why many of us are thinking of places where you can get all the tiles and sanitary ware at low prices. Today we are talking about a shop that offers good quality tiles sanitary products at such a low price.

The shop, which offers tiles and sanitary ware at a huge discount, is located on an area of ​​20,000 square feet. They also have a 40,000 sq ft warehouse. From this we can see that there are lot of tiles and sanitary ware that are available in this one shop. The tiles sold here are products that large companies cannot export in the name of small quality issues . But they have an issue that is usually not understood by anyone. Therefore, there will be no large-scale Quality of Issue. They tie up with such companies to sell their products at a lower price. Depending on the customer’s requirements,

the tiles are available in low price to large size. Wall tiles in size 12 * 8 are available in this shop from Rs. This is a shop that can be approached in the same way for all types of customers.
1600 * 800 size tiles are a big price to pay when buying a branded item, but it costs only Rs 42 for a second quality one. Its own premium product is also sold here and it starts at Rs.65 This means that you can get a 40% profit when you choose the second piece. These tiles are available in different designs in size 60 * 80. These are also available starting at Rs 39. Second tile of export quality 2 * 2 size is available here at a price of Rs. But the first quality of these will have to be doubled. In addition, they have free delivery system in six districts of Kerala. The free delivery is provided in Malappuram, Palakkad, Thrissur, Wayanad, Kozhikode and Kannur districts. But it is essential to buy the product in that much quantity.

Second quality tiles usually have even a minor scratch. But these are given to the customers only after being told. The same tile of premium quality is also available here but the price varies by 25%. All such tiles have only minor problems that occur during production. Tiles with minor cracks are less expensive, but the only way to deliver products from here to customers is to be precise.

Sanitary ware is also on sale here. Combo Pack Sanitary Ware from brands like Hind Wear is priced at Rs 11,000 and is priced at Rs 6,999. The sanitary ware set, which sells for Rs 9,000 including a guarantee, ie a set that includes a closet, flush tank and wash basin, is priced at just Rs 6,299. A full set for a bathroom costs Rs 7777. Such products come with a 7-year warranty on pipes and a five-year warranty on closets. It is also possible to buy products in different models at the same price. The closet can be purchased at all cera and hindware brands at a discounted price of Rs 13,000, including the single piece branded items warranty.

Cladding tiles starting from Rs 25 and cladding tiles of other designs in 2 * 1,10 * 15 sizes are also available here. Taps starting from Rs 290, sinks and wall sets are also available for purchase. Available.

Those who want to buy branded tiles can buy different designs of tiles in 8 * 4 size at a price of Rs 145-150. Tiles of RAK brand full body and ceramic tiles are available here. The Kajaria brand wall tile can be purchased at a low price with a simple design standard look. There is a separate studio set for each brand so you can look and buy as much as you want. Those who want to purchase tiles and sanitary ware at such a low price can contact ALFA Traders on Calicut Road, Malappuram District. Watch the video to learn more.

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