petrol car convert CNG in kerala

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In this situation where the price of petrol is increasing day by day, it is not possible for many ordinary people to use a vehicle with high price of fuel. Instead, electric vehicles and the like are now available on the road, but replacing an existing vehicle with a new one is not an easy task. So many of us are wondering what is the solution to this. Here’s how to convert an existing petrol car to CNG. Let’s take a look at the benefits of converting a petrol car to CNG in this way. Lets learn more.

By converting an existing car to CNG, you can get a good milege when it can run three times as fast as a car running on regular petrol. Inside the city you get an increase of 50 to 60 percent, and on the highway you get 70 to 100 percent. It costs between Rs 7 lakh and Rs 8 lakh to buy a new vehicle, while a CNG kit costs around Rs 45,000. At present there are CNG pumps in Ernakulam, Malappuram, Thrissur, Palakkad, Kozhikode and Alappuzha districts. It will be extended to other districts within two to three months. If you do not receive a warranty from the car company after purchasing a new car and fitting the CNG, they will provide the warranty provided by you.

Customers know that vehicles currently running on CNG are getting good mileage. Where previously it was Rs 6 per km, now you have to spend only Rs 2. And there is no significant difference in power. Even work that currently runs over 10,000 kilometers is satisfied in this way.

You can set whether to start the car on petrol or not. It will automatically convert to CNG according to some preset value. Similarly, when the CNG runs out, it automatically comes to petrol. That means you will receive an alert and be converted. The required switch will be fitted in the car. 4 lights indicated CNG full tank, 3 lights for 75% and red light for reserve.

Normal cars can hold 14 to 15 kg cylinders. But tanks of different sizes can be used in vehicles like the Omni. Therefore cylinders up to 20 kg can be used. Normal vehicles have a built-in capacity of up to 80 kg. Therefore, there will be no particular problem in the case of Kan. The pressure in a cylinder is 3000 psl. They use a special technology to close the tank. The risk of leakage is usually less when using CNG. However, if there is a leak for any reason, it can be detected with a single scanner. In addition, the device is used to determine the extent of leakage.

Once the CNG is connected, a computerized system is used to set it up. Once the laptop is connected to the CNG system, you can see both the short filter and the long filter. In addition, the software can monitor how many kilometers of gas have been run and if there are any problems.

petrol car convert CNG in kerala

There will be minor changes to the system to be fitted according to each vehicle. But when using such a system one should seek the help of a good export mechanic. If you have any problems after ten days of CNG fitting and use, you can approach them and eliminate the problem. These are also available in different designs. It also has all the tools needed for this system, such as Triple Safety Wall and Multi Safety. Parts needed to become a spring action prop and parts needed to reduce heat for soft vehicles are also available here.

At present, they fit CNG cylinders only in petrol vehicles in India and not in diesel vehicles. CNG works using three main technologies. If the first of these technologies, venture technology is used, the mileage is likely to be reduced by one or two kilometers when switching back to petrol mode. But there are four important things to know when using CNG. That is, you need to know if you are using proper technology. That means only those who know exactly the technology to be used for each vehicle. Doing so will not cause any problems. When fitting the CNG you have to sign an agreement and submit a copy along with the original RC book and copy of the insurance to the RTO and pay a fee of Rs.300 to Rs.400. This is all that is needed and this can be done with the help of any agent. They also give you the option to return the product once you have not liked the product in any way. 100% refund for this.

Those who want to convert your existing petrol car to CNG can contact V6 Auto Tech Solutions in Kochi for more information. The contact number is given below.

Contact -7411004455

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