How Does The Car AC Work? Automotive Air Conditioning

Today there are less homes without at least one car, so the number of those who do not use a car is very low. But there are many things that most car users do not notice or know. One such thing is the use of the car’s A/C. Everyone knows how to turn on, increase or decrease the A/C, but there are a lot of buttons inside the car that many people do not know or use. In this way we will look in detail at the different buttons provided for the car’s A/C and other things you need to know about the usage of A/C.

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There are three main knobs on an AC-related things in manual car. And there may be two buttons below it. The first knob has a separate marking on it, which is blue at the beginning and red at the end. Of these, the part with the blue color gets the coldest. The heat will be higher when the knob returns red. But a zero provision is given between the two, which is given as neutral. This means that a normal room temperature is a mixture of hot and cold available using this part.That is, the more the knob is turned to the right, the hotter it will be, and the colder it will be to the left side. This way you can adjust the temperature.

The second knob is used to control the fan of the AC. Here are the four main speeds. Zero is provided first and then the fan can be adjusted in four ways, one,two, three,four.

The third knob can look like different symbols or someone given. This means in which direction the airflow is required. The first part of the knob is used to control the 4 vents provided on the dashboard. Using the second arrow will also turn on the leg fan. At the same time the direct fan also works. But if the third position is used, the fan will only get to the feet. That is, there is no direct air flow. The two arrows given on the right side indicate that it is cool inside during the rainy season. When the first option is selected, the airflow to the legs is increased as well as to the main seat. It is accessed through small holes in the front of the dashboard. The arrow showing the outer circulation helps to get the airflow inside.

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The first of the two buttons below is for airflow control and the second is for AC control. In this, the button provided by the car circulates the air inside the car and when this button is turned off, you can feel the air entering from outside. Care should be taken to turn off the front bend when turning on the fresh air inlet button. The need to use fresh air increases when performing long drives. This is because on larger journeys the vehicle is more likely to have low oxygen levels.

The buttons are slightly different when using AC in automatic cars, which means that a few switches may have been added. The AC can be turned on and off using the power button provided first. After that, when the next button is turned on, the air flow is received only to the side of the foot and when the second button is turned on, the air flow is received as front flow. When these two buttons are turned on at the same time, the airflow to the face is received as well as the airflow to the feet. Windshield airflow is available when the third switch is turned on. If you want to keep the same temperature, you can click on the AUTO button. The option with the car picture above shows that the airflow is circulating only inside the car. For real windshield evaporation, the knob is provided with the letter R written on it. The knob provided with the image of the fan on the left side is used for adjusting the fan speed.Using the MAX AC option will help you get cool quickly if you are riding in the car during good hot weather.

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These are the things you need to know while using A/C in your car.

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