2.5 lakh budget house in Kerala

2.5 lakh budget house in kerala
2.5 lakh budget house in kerala
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2.5 lakh budget house in kerala : Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to build a house. But often the costs really figure out to be the same for a normal family. In today everyone think large house is something posch. Therefore, the amount to be spent for it is very large. But Rajesh, a man from Kumarakom, is fulfilling his dream of owning a home the way he wanted to on a very low budget. Built at a cost of just Rs 2.5 lakh, this house has a lot of features. Learn more about the features of this low cost home and the materials used to make it.

There is a small sitting area at the entrance to the house, and an adjoining porch. The floor is made of eight inch solid brick. After that the construction of the house is completed on the V board by giving the belt warp. Entering the hall is a good size, with a dining area. The house has a small space that can be used as a living room, a kitchen and a main bedroom. There is space for a bed, cupboard and teapoy. The room has two pane windows to provide good ventilation and light. The kitchen is furnished in such a way that it can be put to good use by a family. Here, too, a small window is provided, and a gas stove is provided. Outside a small work area is provided where a smokeless kitchen can be set up. The work area is separated by a small partition. Outside, a bathroom is provided.



Such a house, built at a cost of just Rs. 2.5 lakhs, is built by home builders anywhere in Kerala. They only come to build seven or more such houses. If this condition is accepted, they will build houses wherever they come from in Kerala. Vinod builds such houses. It is noteworthy that they build such a house in just 25 days. Red oxide is applied to the ground. If tile is used instead, it will cost Rs 4 lakh. The house is built in such a way that it can be extended to those who have limited space. Building a house depends on the location of the place so there is no need for an engineer. Those who want to fulfill their dream of a home on such a low budget can contact the number given below.


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