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pure tuber app : There is no one like them to use social media sites today. These include Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. YouTube is an app that everyone relies on to watch videos and listen to music. But currently the number of ads that come in between watching a video on YouTube is very high. That is why this is something that many find very annoying. However, if you opt for the YouTube Premium subscription, you will be able to watch videos for free, but they charge a fee for that. In such a situation everyone wants to know how to use YouTube without ads and without giving any c. Here’s an application that can be used for this. This way ‘pure tuber’ is an app that you can use at will, without ads. Here’s how to use the app.

First go to Play Store and install pure tuber app. Then when you open the application you will see all the descriptions of the features which will be taken to the main page when you hit Next.

All the interfaces you see on YouTube can be seen here. You can also invite your friends using the star option provided in it. This allows you to unlock a lot of offers. When you click on the sign in option, you can see the previously unlocked offers in the Fan Privilege section. When you click on the Settings option, you have the option to set the theme, resolution and wallet video formats, the option to open it with an external player, the option to turn on the auto background in the Audio section, and the option to resume from the off side. When you click the download button, you can set the permission to download each time.

There is also a facility to select the maximum number of videos that need to be downloaded at a time. Maximum downloads can be set from 10 to 15. You can use your Gmail account to sign in. Then when you select a video and play it you can set the resolution as required. Or you can open it with a browser. If you want to download the video, click on the download button below and grant permission, this way you can download the desired video and the video can be minimized and used. This means that all the facilities available when using YouTube Premium can be done with this app. Pure tuber is also worth that other apps can be used in addition to watching video. Using pure tuber,You can now watch videos by ad free.

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