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Building a house is more money needed process. Other things that can be costly to build a home are the cost of buying electronic products and the cost of buying furniture. If you go to a regular shop to buy a fridge and washing machine, you will have to pay a huge amount, just like in the furniture shops. Having to pay for a sofa set can sometimes be overwhelming. But when you choose places where you can get goods at a low price, it often happens that you do not get quality products. But today we are going to find out about a place where you can get good quality branded electronic products like fridge washing machine microwave oven and furniture for a home at a very low price.

The uniqueness of this shop is that you can get all the products you need for a home under one shop.The 45 liter godrej fridge starts at Rs 4,000. 190 liter fridges are available at Rs 10,000. It is also important to note that the bill is paid in a manner that includes guarantee, warranty and GST. The 92 liter fridge, which costs Rs 17,000 in the market, can be purchased from here for Rs 12,500. Unlike the big shops, they follow the method of taking profit from a large number instead of the profit of the price charged for a device. Therefore, they are able to provide goods at a lower price. It is also possible to sell more products.

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Damaged products are sold in different categories such as D1 and D2. Therefore, D2 products receive no warranty or garranty. Therefore, the products sold here are fully guaranteed only. The 192 liter 5 star fridge itself is available here for up to 100 pcs. A 192 liter fridge priced at Rs 16,000 in the market costs just Rs 13,000. You can also choose different brands of refrigerators like Whirlpool, Samsung and LG from here. The 345 liter fridge and 3 star are priced at Rs 27,500.

The washing machine can be purchased for Rs 6000 semi automatic and Rs 9800 automatic. Whirlpool 9kg White Magic is priced at Rs 13,000. The samsung 6.2 kg washing machine costs only Rs 10,500. Customers can get a washing machine from here for Rs 12,000, which costs Rs 16,000 outside. Purchasing goods in bulk will give you the same profit. The front load washing machine, which costs Rs 23,000 outside, is priced at Rs 17,000.

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Butterfly Table Top Grinder starts at Rs. 2000. IFB brand washing machine priced at Rs. 13,000 can be purchased here at Rs. 9000. Microwave ovens are available here from Rs. 3500. OTG model can be purchased at Rs. 3000.

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Sofas made of 40 density foam in furniture can be purchased as a premium model for Rs 45,000. In the market, they cost around Rs 60,000. It also comes with a three year warranty. Also, sofas are available here in different designs for Rs 35,000. Outside, the treadmill is priced at Rs 22,000 and can be purchased from here for Rs 8,500. All products like sound system for Rs 2,700 can be purchased with a warranty.

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In addition, different bicycles can be purchased at very low prices from good brands. Bicycles priced from Rs 5,000 are available here. Hercules Big Daddy bicycles can be purchased for Rs 14,500. They will have to be bought in the market for Rs 22,000. Also, there are no electronic furniture products like size adjustable chairs for Rs 1,200, kids’ beds for Rs 4,500 and shelves for Rs 4,000.

The goods are mainly sold in a way that can be bought by wholesale customers. Those who want to buy such good branded products at low prices can also contact Sai Traders, a shop located at BMN Marriage Hall, Coimbatore. The contact number is given below. Watch the video to learn more.

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