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Today we know that people of all ages use mobile phones. Especially in the covid background, where everyone works from home and the children sit at home and study, it is a situation where children cannot afford a phone or laptop. But one thing that often bothers most parents is that these are often misused by giving away phones and laptops like this. And most kids today are addicted to things like gaming because of the increased use of smartphones. As a solution to this, let’s see how to use an app called’ Google Family Link ‘launched by Google to control children’s phone usage.In order to use the google family link app, you need to install the app on both the parent’s phone and the child’s phone. This will reduce the phone usage of children and bring in an accurate time limit and regulation.

How to use ‘Google family link for parents ‘app

You need to install the ‘Google family link for parents ‘app on the parent’s phone and the ‘Google family link for children and teens ‘app on the child’s phone. Then you need to link between them. To do so, open the app on your parent’s phone and click the Next button, you will now receive a code. To enter the code entered on the child’s phone, open the app and click on the Supervisor This Device button. Now you can see the linked email id on the child’s phone and click on it. Then the parent must enter the code received on the phone. You will now receive a message on the parent’s phone regarding the email id provided on the child’s phone. That is, click on the message to see if the email id is supervised. By doing so, the parent is done with what needs to be done over the phone.

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You will now receive a message on your child’s phone linking to the family, and a message informing them of what the parent is seeing. Then click on the Allow button. Now you can see some messages. Below that, click on the activate message. On the Go and get your parent page, click on the Next button. After that you can set the device name and click on the Next button. The setup may now be finished on the parent phone. Once the finishing up message arrives on the child’s phone, you can see filters and controls on the parent’s phone. Select the default parental control from the two options provided here. Click on the Next button. You will get the message Connect Device on the child’s phone and click on the Next button. It is now possible to connect two phones.

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Once the phone is connected, the child can understand the location information on the child’s phone and the limit given by the parent to each app. The child can see the restricted apps but cannot make changes to them. If you want to install a new app on your child’s phone, you can install it by changing the Google Play settings. For this you need to select Requires Approval. Then you can select All content. This will allow you to install any app on your child’s phone. Doing so will get a permission request to your phone whenever the child tries to install any app. If you use permission-granted ask now, you can install the app using the email password provided on the parent’s phone. With the filters on Google Chrome option, the child’s search can be restricted, as well as all the things like YouTube can be controlled on the child’s phone. All the apps that have been done can be seen.

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If the allow app is posted, the child will not be able to use YouTube anymore. You can also turn on Location in Parental Settings and turn on your child location to locate the current child. When the phone is unlocked, it can be locked from the parent’s phone with the ‌ lock button. Here you can also specify how long you want to lock it. Once the app is installed in this way, the child will not be able to uninstall the app, for which parental permission will have to be given on the phone. The message is received on the child’s phone. Google Family Link is an app that parents can definitely use to control their children’s phone usage in the current situation.

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