Online free doctor consultation | E Sanjeevani OPD Mobile Application

E Sanjeevani OPD Mobile Application : In the context of corona, everyone is afraid to go out even for an essential thing. Many people avoid visiting the hospital, especially for illnesses. But it does significantly affect patients who need regular checkups. In the present situation, it is very difficult to take children and the elderly to the hospital to seek the services of a doctor in cases where proper care is required. There are many apps available today for online consultation with doctors but all of them charge huge fees. Let’s take a look at how to use E-Sanjeevini OPD mobile app, a government app that allows you to consult doctors for free from the comfort of your own home at this time.

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How to consult a Doctor through ‘E Sanjeevani OPD  app?

When you go to the Play Store on your phone and search e- Sanjeevini OPD application, you will get this app. Install the app and open it. Currently 1 million users are using this app. You will be taken to the homepage when the application is opened. Then fill in the various steps specifying the method of consulting the doctor. To consult a doctor, first verify the phone number, then generate a token, login with the token, wait until your chance comes, and if you consult the doctor you will receive the required prescription. That’s all there is described.


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Online free doctor consultation | E Sanjeevani OPD Mobile Application digitkerala
Online free doctor consultation | E Sanjeevani OPD Mobile Application digitkerala

Click the Next button below. Now select Patient Registration or Generate Token. Below that you can see the doctor again with the patient login and the information once consulted using the patient profile given below. Choose the first option to generate a token for the first consultant. Now you can enter your state, select On top of this the doctors in different states have given the available time, by looking at it you can understand the time of the doctor in the category you need to consult. Choose which doctor you want to belong to. If you do not register on time, you will not receive a token or otp. Select General OPD.

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Verify the phone number using the verification button provided . You will be to fill in your personal information after entering it with otp. If you have any kind of health record to upload, you can upload it. Once this is done your phone will receive a token number and patient ID. Login with the patient ID you just received. Now one or two permission will be asked to allow it. Your queue number will now be displayed. Whenever your number comes a call will come. After that it is to consult with a doctor. When your call is over, the doctor-prescribed prescription will come to your phone. You can find out the medicine information by taking the patient profile. This way you can easily consult a doctor for free from the comfort of your own home.

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