How to download final vaccination certificate

With the introduction of the covid vaccine, everyone is busy getting vaccinated. But often those who have taken one dose are less likely to be able to take the second dose. And how to get a vaccination certificate for those who have taken two dose. It is a situation where you do not know what to add passport related information and what to do for any kind of update. In addition, vaccination can be applied in two doses with two mobiles. Those who go to foreign countries can use it only if they get a final certificate. Here’s how to find out all the information about a vaccination certificate in such a situation.

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How to download the first dose vaccination certificate?

After getting a dose of vaccination, open the website to get the certificate. Now select the first website where you will get the result. When you have entered your phone number, you will receive an otp to that number. Click on the Verify and Proceed button below. Now take your name vaccination and the information will be there. Click on the certificate below. The certificate will now be sent to the phone number you entered. You can then download it using the link.
If the first dose is taken, it will be specified at the top of the certificate.


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HOW to get the final certificate?

Those who have taken both doses of vaccination can opt for the Certificate given below, which takes less than two days to obtain the certificate. The final certificate can be downloaded by clicking on it. It is written above that it is the final certificate. This means that when you take the second dose, you will get the final certificate as a director. The information included in the certificate will be name, age and gender ID. It will also include information on which vaccinations you have taken.

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How to change details in certificate ?

If you need any correction for the certificate you received, select raise an issue at the top of the page. Then you can see the certificate correction, merge multiple dose, add passport details and remove unknown members. Using the Remove Unknown Member option is used to exclude this member if someone else has been vaccinated using your phone number and they are currently taking a second dose with another phone. This means that once the Delete button is gone, you can remove them with this one option. All you have to do is select the member you want to opt out of and then click Submit Request. The Add Passport option can be used to add passport information. Here you can enter the name of the member who entered the passport details and the beneficiary passport number.

If the current certificate requires any changes, namely Photo ID Gender Year of Birth, any two can be edited. If a person has taken 2 doses with more than one phone using the merge certificate option, they can be used as a combination. For this, the mobile number, the date of vaccination, the beneficiary ID given in the second mobile and the mobile number given in it have to be entered. 2 The Beneficiary ID given in the certificate should also be entered in this manner. When using the certificate for passport purposes, special care should be taken to provide that the passport number is entered correctly. This way you can download and use the covid Vaccine Certificate.

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