Best CCTV Camera App : Use your mobile phone as a CCTV Camera

Best CCTV Camera App
Best CCTV Camera App
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It is safe to say that there are fewer households and institutions today that do not use CCTV. There is no doubt that CCTVs are very helpful in combating theft attempts. But when you buy and fit a CCTV, you have to pay between Rs 20,000 and Rs 30,000 at the shop. Therefore, it is often not possible for the common man to buy a CCTV at such a high price in an emergency. You can use CCTV with your smartphone at no cost. Let’s take a look at how to access CCTV using a smartphone.

To access CCTV with your smartphone, go to Play Store on your phone and type at home. Now you can see two apps, at home camera and at home video streaming. The first icon is in red and the second icon is in blue. Both of these applications need to be installed. But in order to get the video streaming application on the old phone which is used instead of the CCTV camera and the things that you are currently using to get the things recorded with the old phone, you have to install the red app seen in the Play Store on the phone, i.e. at home camera You can control the video footage on your other phone with this one phone.

After installing the app, open it. It can be called a control center application. After opening the application, open the old phone used for recording video, take the application and take the CID number given in it. Below that is the generated QR code. Below this you will see a username and password. In case the application closes, it can be turned on by double tapping on the screen.


Open the application on the new phone and select add camera by QR code at the top. Then scan the generated QR code on the old phone. Doing so will keep the phones connected. Then you can watch the recorded video with your control center. You can record video like this with your old phone in the area where you want to capture the video.


To view the contents of the camera on a computer, open and tap on it. Select the Download section on the home page. Here are two types of applications available to you. Here you can record and watch video either between the computer and the phone or using the webcam on the computer. If you are using a laptop, download that option. The option to download is Windows. Then register with your email id. When you log in and load the app, you must add the recorded material. Enter the CID number and username and password as you did on your mobile phone. In this way you can add your camera. In this way 4 mobiles can be connected and used. At the top you can see the views in all 4 modes. You can record video and, if necessary, take a screenshot. It is also possible to turn on the camera flash. With a mobile phone like this, you can copy everything a CCTV does.

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