Electric Pressure Washer/Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner with Blower

Electric Pressure Washer/Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner with Blower
Electric Pressure Washer/Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner with Blower
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Today, there are very few homes in our place that do not have at least one vehicle. But one of the major problems that you will face after purchasing such vehicles is the huge amount of money you have to pay when approaching the service centers for cleaning the vehicle. But if you try to clean the car at home, it often does not have to be completely clean. There are two main tools that can be used to clean a car at home. The first of these is a high pressure pump for washing the car and a vaccum cleaner for cleaning the dust. Although there are many products on the market today for car cleaning, they often come at a hefty price. Here’s a tool for cleaning a car made with the latest technology that you can use to clean your car completely in such a situation.

What makes this cleaning device makes special?

The IBELL IBLDR3 is a device designed to work with high pressure pumps and cleaners. These are known as double roll car washing machines. The device is designed to include all the essentials of a high pressure as well as a vaccum cleaner. It uses a 1550 volt universal motor. 130 is the pressure. The maximum flow power is 5.5 liters. The pressure hose is provided at 5 m line. The vacuum cleaner is powered by a 1,000 volt motor. The maximum vacuum power is 17 ap. The word cleaner hose size is 1.5 meters. It also comes with 2 tires needed to put on the base, a shampoo bottle, a gun that comes as part of a high pressure pump, and an adjustable nozzle.


Connect the wheels first and connect the wire needed to connect to the motor. To use the handle, simply press the switch provided above. The connector today is used to pull mud with a net provided inside. It can be removed, cleaned and reused. Special care should be taken not to get the thread on while connecting the machine. The hose can be connected using a switch on the gun. The adjustable nose should fit snugly at the tip of the gun. It also has a switch for adjusting. With this you can add and decrease the force of the water.

After this, take the jar of shampoo and fit it on the end. Shampoo comes out when pressed with the button provided on the gun. You can use a vacuum cleaner by connecting a wire in the same way. The nose can be adjusted to your liking. The cleaning jar can be kept clean by using it once in a while. They work with a power plug, so be careful to use them yourself.

After connecting the machine switch, first clean the entire interior of the vehicle by opening the dust box and cleaning. Then clean up the party below as well. When fitting the dust filter be sure to look at the 3 locks and press. Otherwise the dust will get inside the other side of the machine.

Insert the hose connector first to feed the exterior of the vehicle. Then connect it to the water supply connector. The power is set and you can cheat out the water as needed. Each part of the vehicle can be cleaned by adjusting the pressure and watering as required. In addition, all the accompanying parts are provided with separate storage space. You can easily clean the whole vehicle with this three roller powered machine. Although it costs Rs. 14000, you can buy this one from offer price of 12,399.

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