Everything is half price All Power Tools Coimbatore

Everything is half price All Power Tools Coimbatore
Everything is half price All Power Tools Coimbatore
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If you approach a regular shop to buy power tools you will have to pay a very high price. Not only that but we often do not get the tools we need. In addition, the tools required for organizations such as workshops often have to be purchased from different organizations. Similarly, tool boxes for vehicles and compressors for car washer are often overpriced in the shops. But here is a shop that offers all kinds of power tools at a very low price. Find out in detail what tools are available in the shop and how much they cost.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners that can be used in the same way in homes and offices cost around Rs 3,500. This product can be purchased with a service warranty. The machine that makes the chain saw chain grinder, and those who want to buy the chain only, will get it for Rs 230. The machine costs Rs 2200. For Rs 1,900, a washing machine and a spray bottle are available. ethnic saw grinding machine attachment can be purchased for Rs.800 only and Rs.1800 including machine. Those who need a spray gun can get it for Rs 800. For those who want to buy at a lower price, a spray gun priced at Rs 500 is available here. The wall chuck machine, which can be used by electricians, costs Rs 5500. Those that include more blades can be purchased at a lower price.


The battery drilling machine costs Rs 650 while the 12 volt drilling machine costs Rs 1,400. A double battery drilling machine costs around Rs 1500. All of these are available in a box, including bits. The machine, which includes hammering, is available for Rs 3,000. In addition to battery-powered, electric-powered drilling machines are available in a variety of sizes and prices.

Socket kits cost around Rs 900. Gadget boxes can be purchased for Rs 250. The full set of 32 pieces in good quality is priced at Rs 1900. Nose player and cutting player can be purchased for Rs 350. The price range is Rs 250 for an oil filter, Rs 300 for a chain type and Rs 1250 for a full kit ring. You can buy a cutting player for Rs 200 and a cutting wheel for 25 pieces for Rs 850. The machine required to paint buildings without using a compressor costs Rs 17,000.

The most essential car washer machine full kit for everyone is available from Rs 4250. Grass cutting machine can be purchased for Rs 4700. the compressor is priced at just Rs 22,50. The battery sprayer is priced at Rs 2,100. Half HP Lakshmi Motor is available here for Rs.1500. 11 kg demolishand large motors are available here for Rs 6700. For those who want to buy all kinds of power tools at such a low price, can contact the TM TOOLS . The contact number is given below. Watch the video to learn more.

Tm Tools : 0422-2261113

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