How to Install a wooden Floor – How to do wooden flooring?

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In the past, tiles are chosen for flooring in home constructions. The lower price, and the more attractive look makes the tiles attract everyone to choose from. But of these, different styles and designs have come into the market today. Wooden flooring is gaining a lot of importance in the market now. The fact that it stays in the beauty for a long time only adds to the popularity of wooden flooring. But many people have doubts about wooden flooring. Learn more about how long a wooden flooring lasts, how to use it, and how to maintain it.

How to do wooden flooring?


Wooden flooring is very important in giving modern trendy look to homes. Knee pain is one of the main health problems faced by the elderly when choosing tiles for flooring in their homes. But when you use wooden flooring instead, you can get rid of such problems.

Using laminated wooden floor gives more beauty and finishing. Indian manufacturer ‘Green Play’ is launching in the market. This type of wooden tile is made from wood such as pine. After cutting the wood into small chips, the fiber starch is extracted from it and only the fiber is used to make HDF boards by compression. The top of the HDF boards is coated with a design paper imported from Germany and coated with lamination.

One of the main problems with tile and marble granite, which are commonly used for flooring, is the health problems caused by the floor cooling. But by using the wooden flooring this one problem can be completely eliminated. In addition, wooden tiles play an important role in preventing lightning and electric shocks.

Wooden tiles usually come in four feet long and 8 inches wide .8 mm thickness is provided. They are available in the market in the same way as regular tiles.

They do not cause problems with normal watering. But the damage is done when the water is stagnant. Another thing that can be said with a 99% guarantee is that they will not disintegrate. Wooden tiles are manufactured in good quality with the required treatment. A polythene and foam is also provided before flooring. In addition, the wall is made of multiwood with side parts. This helps to prevent waterlogging.

Wooden flooring is definitely a material of choice for those who want to give their homes a luxurious feel. Wooden flooring is another method that can be done in just one to two weeks without the use of cement and gum. It is locked and fitted in different ways. They can also be easily removed. Including Installation charges it range from Rs 150 to Rs 250 per square foot. A board can be used on two to two and a half square feet. The company guarantees a ten-year residential warranty on such products. There are three main warranties for product replacement in case of wear and tear, color fading and stains. Wooden flooring can be used not only in new homes but also in old flooring areas where renovation work is required.

For those who want to make their home with wooden flooring like this anywhere in Kerala, you can contact ‘floor n more’ with branches in Thrissur and Malappuram to make wooden floors of Green Play brand. The contact number is given below. Watch the video to learn more.

Contact- 8606335511

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