4G LTE Switcher : Best Internet Speed Booster Apps

Best Internet Speed Booster Apps
Best Internet Speed Booster Apps
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We all know how important the internet is today. Today, the number of people who do not use smartphones and the Internet is very low. The importance of mobile data is increasing, especially in the context of covid, where everyone works from home and studies online. But a major problem that everyone faces is the lack of speed for the network used. In such a situation, when you open the mobile network, you will often see only 2G or 3G data. But 4G network is required to get internet at good speed. Here is an app that can be used for such a fast 4G network. You can understand exactly what are the benefits of using this app and what are the requirements for it.

Let’s get acquainted with the different apps that can be used to increase the internet speed on your Android phone.

4G LTE switcher

An app called 4G LTE switcher is used here to increase the mobile data.
But one important thing to know while using this app is that calls to your phone will not come if you use the app full time. Therefore it is better to turn on the application and use it only when using the internet. You can download and use the app on the Google Play Store on your phone.

open signal

Open Signal is an app that can be used to detect the signal problem on your phone and get more internet speed in less time. Open Signal helps you to find 3G / 4G / LTE and 5G towers in your area. This allows you to find the strongest signal, connect it and increase the net speed.

Most important features of open signal

  • Find the best signal strength and connect it to a fast net location.
  • weak signal can be detected using the coverage map if the signal range is low at the current location
  • Detailed information about the signal problem can be found.

Net optimizer

Net optimizer is an app that is designed to be very useful. The app mainly works with ISP. This allows you to boost data speed. Currently, this app is used by over a thousand people. The fastest connection can be found and connected via a DNS server with just one click.

Most important features

  • Automatically detects connection changes and connects to the network accordingly data
  • What it does in terms of mobile data.
  • Supports different DNS servers. Smart Wiper, level 3, Google and DNS watch Comodo secure are examples.

connection stabalizer booster

Connection stabilizer is the fastest internet booster. This allows you to connect and add more powerful features and use them more customized.

Important features

  • Provides stable internet connect performance
  • Utilizes a network that has more priority and helps to enhance network performance.
  • It Offers an active reconnection feature that helps quickly reconnects 2G GPRS, 3G, 4G when the connection lost in phone.


WIFI /Mobile network speed

If the internet speed is your main problem.Then using this application, you can easily control and use this one, They do not test speed of your network but tell the device’s actual speed, also help to clears the  Wi-Fi network so that the speed is increased.

Most important Features of WiFi/ Mobile Network Speed

  • Help you to choose the best network when comparing the speed between your WiFi connection and phone network.
  • Help to measure the speed in fastly.
  • This app is designed asa very user friendly

Speedify,Bonding VPN

You want to travel a lot, this app is very helpful for you. Especially YouTubers, video bloggers, or someone who needs to be online without interruption, This app is the best internet booster for Android phones.It very user friendly and secure application. It help to combine cellular and Wi-Fi connection.

Important features

  • check the internet speed quickly.
  • Good security features.
  • when upgrade use in multiple devices

Internet optimization

If you are facing issues while working due to a slow net connection,This Internet speed booster can be helps you to reset your network connections,and also provide a secure connection as well.

Important features

  • customized design.
  • Resolve 3G, 4G,LTE speed problems.
  • provide add free.
  • Automatically boost interernet speed in your phone.

Internet speed 4G fast

internet Speed Booster is one of the most popular boosters available for Android phones. it help you to boost the internet speed and shows an effortless way to increase the internet speed devices. User friendly and easy interface works with the older versions also.

Most important features

  • Good data plans
  • fast connection and good speed.
  • work in older andriod versions

HSPA+optimizer/H+ signal stabalizer

It is one of the popular data speed booster that works and easily catch the signals provide a secure connection and access the Internet quickly. It alao allows to monitor the speed & improve the networks.This app help to increase Internet speed.

Most important features

  • Provide H+connection.
  • Support all kind of data connections.
  • Improve video, audio, VOIP services.

Using these applications you can improve your intetnet connectivity very easily.


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