Free Eye Test Apps for Android & iOS

Free Eye Test Apps for Android & iOS
Free Eye Test Apps for Android & iOS
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Nowadays, the screen is used a lot by young children to the elderly. Therefore, young children are more likely to have eye damage at a very young age. The condition usually requires going to the hospital for an eye test. But in this case, going directly to the hospital and getting an eye check is often not possible. But here’s how to do an eye test at home in a very short time as a solution to this. Anyone can do this kind of eye test using a handheld smartphone in less time. The eye is tested using an app. Understand in detail what is required for this and how to do it.

In your phone type check your eyes in the Play Store. Now select the app that comes with an icon with an image of an eye in the middle of the circle in different colors. Then install. When you open the application, there are four types of tests. If you get a 100 during the test, you can see that there is no significant problem with the eye. Language must be selected when the application is opened. Here you can enter the language as English.

Then four tests can be seen. You can check the visual acuity by selecting the first of these. Then three more tests need to be done, namely Color, Contrast, Vision. If the number of test results obtained from these is low, it can be seen that the eye has a small problem. When each one is opened, it should be tested according to the instructions given in it. At the end of each test, you can see the level associated with your eyesight. If you get 100 after completing all the three tests, you can be sure that there is nothing wrong with your eyesight, otherwise you may see a doctor for poor eyesight.


Eye Test Apps features:

  • Easy-to-use visual acuity and Amsler Grid tests
  • Clear audio and written instructions to help guide you through the tests
  • No sign-in required – start using the app as soon as it’s installed

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