Best Space Saving App android and iOS

Best Space Saving App
Best Space Saving App
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Best Space Saving App  : It can be said that the number of those who do not use a smartphone nowadays is very low. But one of the major problems faced when using smart phones is the lack of memory. Taking photos and videos with a smartphone is therefore more likely to run out of memory quickly. When this happens, you often have to delete only the files you need to save. But here is a memory adjustable app that can be used as a solution. So far the memory capacity of your phone can be adjusted and used. This app provided by Google itself is called ‘files go by google’. Here’s how to use the app.

Open Play Store on your phone and type files go by Google. Then install the app and open it. Now you can see how much memory is currently used in the phone.

Below you can see the cache data used by each app. This will allow you to clear the cache of apps you do not need. Here you can view different files that are given anywhere in different categories. Depending on the category, those who do not need it can be deleted.

Usually when using WhatsApp, more memory is lost. Therefore, it will be taken away and the unwanted ones will be deleted and the list of apps installed on the phone without our knowledge can also be found. All the unwanted apps can be selected and deleted or uninstalled. You will be asked for confirmation to delete any apps. It can be a given delete. If you open the Files option, can see all the information such as the apps and image on the phone provided. You can delete the selected one from the list itself.


And with this one app you can send and receive data from other people’s phones. This app also helps you to quickly find the apps provided on the phone. This type of data transfer is possible without the Internet. This way you can manage the memory capacity of your phone.

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