How to check phone’s radiation aka SAR value

Here is how to check phone's radiation aka SAR value
how to check phone's radiation aka SAR value
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Nowadays, people from young children to the elderly use mobile phones in the same way, so the radiation from the mobile phone affects everyone in different ways. Therefore, it would be very useful to know how much radiation is emitted from the mobile phone you are using. Here’s an thing that can be used to know the radiation of your phone. The radiation level is determined based on the SAR value of the phone. But many people do not know what SAR value is and how to check it. Learn more about this.

What is SAR value?

The SAR value is the amount of radio frequency energy that enters the body when you use the phone. These are calculated in watts / kg. According to the World Health Organization, radiation from mobile phones can cause diseases such as brain cancer. It can also cause problems with organs such as the ears and eyes. The SAR value is estimated at 1.6 by Indian standard.

How to check SAR value?

SAR value is found in two main ways. The first method is to type your phone model in Google and check the SAR value. The model space of the phone should be checked as SAR value. You can view phone-related information while doing so.

However, if you have a phone that does not have internet access, you can dial * # 07 # to view the SAR value and associated with your phone.

SAR value is important but there are some things you can do to reduce it yourself.

  • Do not use the phone continuously for more than 20 or 30 minutes.
  • Use the phone alternately in both ears and not in one ear while making a call.
  • Do not place the phone in close contact with the body.
  • Be careful not to use it while charging the phone.
  • It is better to change the phone even if the SAR value is seen above one.

This way you can find out the SAR value of your phone and the precautions to avoid the problems associated with SAR.


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