Ajmera fashion dress material price list – Surat, Gujarat, India

Ajmera fashion dress material price list - Surat, Gujarat, India
Ajmera fashion dress material price list - Surat, Gujarat, India
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Ajmera fashion dress material  Cheep price  : The cloth trade is a business that is in great demand in the market all the time. The number of boutiques in our place is much higher than in the past. But often it is difficult to find the clothes we like. In addition, you have to pay a high price to buy fabrics. In such a situation, if you can find a good wholesale shop and sell the selected fabrics from there at a low price, then the cloth trade is definitely a lucrative business. Such trades have become something that can be done without much risk, especially for women. This is an introduction to a shop that offers such good quality fabrics wholesale. The specialty of this shop, which includes twenty-two counters, is that all the modern clothes are available in good quality. Learn more about the shop.

The shop has a very large collection of different categories like Menswear Ladies Wear and Kids Collection. Here you will find all the fabrics you need to start a textile shop at a very affordable price. There are more than a thousand models in the kurti alone. Kurtas start at Rs 55. There are variou kind of fabrics available here.Fabrics including cotton, rayon, muslin and khadi also available. These are also available on all sizes such as Large, Medium, XXL In addition to the usual type, fancy type kurtas are also available in the shop. Full set kurtas can also be chosen at a cheaper price.

Ajmera fashion dress material price list


A model itself is available in a set of different colors. XXL size kurtas are available in a variety of colors to choose from. Short sets of five are also available in dark,light colors.You can choose from embroidery designs, simple and fancy type in different number of packets like 5,8,10.

Items included in the Catalog are available in one bag. The only demand here is to purchase a 50kg bundle that includes all types of fabrics.

You can buy the clothes you need to start a business by talking to the sales person through the online platforms WhatsApp and Instagram without having to go directly to the shop. The lowest priced wholesale fabric store is located in Surat, Shop name is called’ AJMERA fashion’. You can contact the WhatsApp number given below to know more.

Ajmera Fashion.
D-5491, 3rd Floor, Lift No.15,
Raghukul Textile Market, Ring Road,
Surat, Gujarat, India – 395002
Email – [email protected]

Call or WhatsApp or Telegram to
+91 9998924229 / +919998995352
Direct On Whats App – https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=9…
For Franchise inquiry call on

Contact- 9998924229
+91 9974299930


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