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Kerala MIMI Fish Online Order | Home Delivery, App ?: For Malayalees, it is very difficult to think of a day without fish and meat. But in the current covid situation it is not safe to leave home to buy just for fish. Although there are many apps available today for delivering meat and fish like this, the fact that they do not have a delivery location in many places in Kerala and have to pay a high price makes it impossible for the common man to avail such facilities.

But as a solution to this, ‘mimi’ is an online app launched by the Government of Kerala under the Department of Fisheries with the intention of transformation. Through this, fish can be ordered in various districts of Kerala using the online app and the fish will be delivered to the home accordingly. Find out exactly in which districts the app is currently available and how to use it.


Initially in Alappuzha, Kollam and Pathanamthitta districts, the system of ordering using the mimi app will be introduced. For this 12 kiosk refrigeration units have been set up at Kollam. The project is in collaboration with Central Fisheries Technology.

Fish and about 20 value-added products are distributed through the app. It is noteworthy that it ensures high quality in storage, processing and packing.

For this, the standards defined by the European Union are followed. In addition, a vehicle will be used for fish delivery. Through this, the Department of Fisheries is taking the lead in ensuring new employment opportunities through home delivery. The mimi app can be installed and used through the Google Play Store. This way it is very easy to order fish online from the comfort of your own home.

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