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ayushman bharat health insurance : Many ordinary people suffer from no treatment due to lack of money. Many people have to pay a huge amount of money when they have to go to private hospitals for treatment of major diseases . In addition, large sums of money have to be paid for follow-up treatment at large hospitals. If you rely on private insurance companies to take out health insurance, they will charge a hefty fee. Also, taking out health insurance often does not guarantee that everyone in a family will be able to benefit. In such a situation, ‘AYUSHMAN BHARAT MISSION ‘is a free insurance scheme launched by the Central Government to ensure health care for all members of a family. Understand exactly who can be a part of the project and what it requires.

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Under the ‘AYUSHMAN BHARAT’ Insurance Scheme, a family member can avail health cover up to Rs. 5 lakhs. Another feature is that the benefit of the scheme is available not only in government hospitals but also in private hospitals. Those who want to be a part of the scheme can register along with a copy of Aadhaar card and a copy of ration card through the nearest government hospital. By participating in the scheme, a family will get an insurance cover of Rs 5 lakh per annum. This means that this amount can be used for hospital expenses for one year. Also, the number and age of the members does not matter to be a part of this insurance plan. Therefore, any number of people of any age can avail the benefit of this scheme within a single family.

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The benefit of the scheme, which can be used equally in government hospitals and private hospitals, can also be utilized for follow-up purposes. The person who is currently a member of the scheme can avail the insurance benefit at any time. You can also select any hospital that is included in the list.

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Those who wish to apply can do so online or by applying offline. As mentioned earlier, applications can be submitted offline through government hospitals. Alternatively, you can apply online at AYUSHMAN BHARAT website www.pmjay.gov.in. Applications can be submitted through the website. This will ensure health cover of Rs. 5 lakhs per annum for a family member.

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