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best Malayalam Voice to Text – Apps : Today, social media sites are used by people of all ages, from young to old. That is why everyone is very interested in recording their own opinions. And if you can write things at such a speed, it will help you to save time. Just as the growth of technology has reached all sectors today, so it has the translation system taken a huge step forward. That’s why there are some apps available in the web today that translate things that are easier said than done. Understand exactly what such applications are and how to use them.

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Live Transcribe is an application that can accurately record all the sounds going on around you. The uniqueness of the app is that it captures every little sound very accurately. They can also be used to transcribe sound using a wearable device. Live transcribe is a very useful app for instantly transcribing what you say live.

This is a Transcribe app that works with Google’s automatic speach system. Shows the sounds around you in the form of notifications and allows you to transcribe things you like. This will allow you to know when your home bell is ringing and sounds like a fire alarm. Therefore, it is possible to take immediate action.


  • Open the Devices app settings on your phone.
  • In the Accessibility section, Tap Live Transcribe or select Sound Notification.
  • Tap on the Use Services option and accept the permission.
  • In the accessibility button or any of the options provided in your app to start the transcription.


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You can see a mic image in the interface and get when install and open the app. Below that you can select the language of your choice i.e. the language in which you want to transcribe. By doing this, the transcription will take place even before you have finished saying things. The uniqueness of the Live Transcribe app is that it transcribes things very quickly when you say things. If there is wind or vehicle noise in the area where you are standing, it can be shown at the bottom of the interface so that such sounds can be controlled and transcribed.

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You can resize the font you see on the screen using the settings option provided by Goat. The reason you say is that it can be saved and stored here for up to three days. It will be automatically deleted after a few days. Additionally, you can add more features by selecting the More Settings option.You can copy and paste what you have transcribed in the contest and take it to the desired location and paste and use it.

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Google Translate is another app that is very useful for transcribing. You can also select the language of your choice and receive the message in the desired language voice format. And if you see a board in a language you don’t know, you can use Google Translate to read it.

That means if you do not know the letters and want to know something, open Google Translate and select the camera option provided in the application. Then click on the insta option given below and select the language above. Here you can choose which language you want to translate from. After that all you have to do is put the phone on top of the text you want to translate. In the competition you can translate things in any language you do not know into your own language.


NotesIn is an app that can be used to translate things for people who use different local languages. When you install and open the application, will see the voice typing option. By selecting this option you can use it in the form of a notebook. Select the language in which you want to receive the material and click on it to receive the text. If you make a mistake while typing what you are saying, you can correct it right away. It is also possible to enter the number space for typing.

When you use WhatsApp and Facebook with the Quick Note feature, can convert the language you speak and get the text in the desired language. It can translate any length of texts with this one app. This app also has an optional backup system on Google Drive. Voice typing facility is available in 9 Indian languages. 18 color themes are also available. You can download and use these types of transcription applications at your choice to makes things easiler.

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