How To Translate Other Language Video Into Your Language | Dubbed Videos In 2 Minutes

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How To Translate Other Language Video Into Your Language  : The potential of technology growing day by day. Unlike in the past, today the number of people using sites like social media around us is not small. In such a situation, different types of videos are being released in all languages ​​today. These include Educational Purpose, Cooking Related and Technology Related videos for all types. But often the videos we release in other languages ​​do not get from not understanding the language. Here’s a solution to such a situation.

We are all familiar with watching films in other languages ​​dubbed into Malayalam or other languages. If you can convert every video you watch in the same way to your language. A dubbing website is used for this.

All you have to do is click on the link to access the website. Then copy the video link you want and paste it into the website. But before using the website you need to sign in with your email id. But to create a temporary email id for this go to https: // temp-mail. org / website. You can open the dub site using the email id thus created. Once the website is open, you can see the new dubbing option by clicking on it. Then you can copy the YouTube URL or any other file on your phone. You can then choose which language you want to dub into. Clicking on the Start button will load the video for a while. Click on the three dots next to it and then on the Desktop Site option. Then you can see the whole video dubbed on the side. At the top of this you can select any language.

When you come to the video playing area, you can see the original and Malayalam below. After that, while playing the video, you can see that it is dubbed in Malayalam. In a way we can convert the things we need most from any language into our own language.

Https:// is another app that can be used to watch videos in other languages ​​with similar subtitles in Malayalam. When you open the application you will be given the option to paste the video link. Go to YouTube and copy the video link you want and paste it into the app. You can then choose which language the video is in and which language you want the subtitle to be. This way you can use this one app to select your preferred language as subtitles in apps like VLC. In fact, you can use any of the files that have been downloaded to your phone in subtitled form.

You can also change the color and font size of the subtitle. In the same way you can see the subtitles in the language of your choice.

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