How to apply for Land Document copy online

What we all know is that document is the most important thing about a place. But certified copy is another document that is very important in case of loss of proof, i.e. when the bank needs another proof for the purpose, often the previous document, or a copy of the document before it is required. This is called a certified copy. That is to say, a certified copy is a copy of our deed purchased from the Registrar’s Office on payment.

You can apply online for a certified copy like this. If you select the priority, you will receive a certified copy very soon. If non-priority is chosen, it will take a few more days to receive a certified copy. After submitting the application in this manner, you have to appear in person at the Registrar’s Office and after purchasing the required stamp paper from the Registrar’s Office, they will print a certified copy of your affidavit on it. Let us examine what are the requirements for obtaining such a certified copy.

How to get a Certified copy? – Land Document copy online

You do not have to provide any documents to get a certified copy. But you need to know the required certified copy certificate number. Also know the year of the document. That is, if a person needs the previous proof of document in their possession, if the previous document number is not available, take the number of the document in hand and come to the Registration Department website and click on the view button in the queries option. click on Document.

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Then enter the district, your registrar’s office, the document number and year of the document in hand. Then when click on the search button below, you will get the information of the source from which that document number comes. Below this you can see the previous documents information. From here you can get the previous number. This will give you the required document number.

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After receiving the document number, select the Certificate option on the homepage to apply for a certified copy, select ‘Certified Copy’ and click Submit Application for CC. Then fill in the district, registrar’s office and all your information on the page that appears and select the ‘sale convienience’ option in the Nature of Document section. Then fill in the document number and year.

You do not have to pay the required convenience fee online, you have to pay at the Registrar’s Office. Here you have to pay a fee of Rs 15 per application and a search fee of Rs 105. In the Mode Payment section, select the payment. Then type the following captcha and click on proceed to pay button. You will then receive a certification number. Then you can pay Rs 120 online.

You can do so at the registration office within two days of submitting the application if priority has been selected, or you can go to the register office within four to five days of submitting the application if non priority has been selected. If the application number says so, you will get a certified copy by providing the required stamp paper. But for this you have to pay a certain amount in the office. In this way anyone can apply for a certified copy online.

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