Whats Tracker App – How to know who viewed your whatsapp profile

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We all know that today the number of people who do not use social media websites like WhatsApp and Facebook is very rare, so there are many types of abuses going on through such social media sites, in many cases the number gets into the hands of many people when we have to give them a phone number and then they misuse it by using social media sites like WhatsApp. . But today, as a result of cybercells becoming more active, such cybercrimes have been curbed to some extent. But one of the things that many of us think is that if we can find out who the people who visit our whatsapp profile are. This is an app that can be used to find out the details of those who visit your WhatsApp profile.’whats tracker Application, is used to know the whats app profile visitors.


Install the whats tracker app from the Play Store on your phone and open it. This app is currently used by 1M + users. When the application is installed and opened, click on the aegree and Continue button below. Allow all subsequent messages and enter your name, country of residence and phone number provided on WhatsApp. Then select the gender and click on the sign in button. Allow all the messages that appear on the screen again.

Then you can see three main tabs on the screen, in which you can see the WhatsApp contact by selecting the Contacts option. When you click on the visited tab, you can see the WhatsApp profile of the people you have visited.using Visitor you can see those who visited your profile.

How to find new friends in WhatsApp?

With the WhatsApp Tracker app you can even find people who are currently using WhatsApp in your range. To do this, click on the circle below and you will see Near by Users. When you click on it, the information of the WhatsApp users in the range you are standing in can be seen in the form of a map. This shows the number of WhatsApp users in each region. This will allow you to find contacts near you and chat with them. But be especially careful not to abuse them, as you should not use them unnecessarily.

What are the most important features of whats tracker?

  • Direct chat
  • profile visitor
  • search profile
  • Restore deleted message
  • staus saver
  • Theme
  • Clean interface
  • share
  • This way you can easily find people who have visited your WhatsApp profile.
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