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Dealing with the English language is becoming one of the most important things in our lives. This is because while most companies view English as a universal language, it is imperative that the candidates they choose have good communication in English. Often, even if we study at a high level, if we are not able to communicate ideas, it can lead to job loss. Especially in our country, many students find it difficult to get a job because they do not know how to communicate in English after higher studies. Many people go to spoken English classes but they do not work hard. Also, many people have a big problem whether others know that I am going to learn English . In such a situation, you can get acquainted with some spoken English applications that can be used very effectively while sitting at home.

What are the best spoken English applications?


Busuu is a spoken English application that you can use very useful in this way, the uniqueness of this app is that you can easily learn English in just 10 minutes a day. The uniqueness of the app is that you can study not only online but also offline. With this app, you will be able to speak English well in less than a day if you study at exactly the prescribed time every day. The app is designed with a lot of emphasis not only on grammar but also on everyday words and spelling. You will get good training from here along with your studies. In addition, you will receive an official certificate after completing your studies. You can choose between the premium version and the normal version. Those who want more features can opt for the premium version.


There are two main ways to learn English in this application: first one is British English and second is American English. You can choose which accent you want to study. With this app, you can easily learn English in just 5 minutes a day. For casual users, the free version is sufficient. The free version covers over 1700 words and 99 topics. If you opt for a premium membership, you can study using the map for not only 5 minutes but also longer. DROPS can be considered as a very simple and easy app as it is an app that mostly includes conversations.


Duolingo is an app that can be used to learn English completely for free and can be used in about two dozen languages. This app helps you to learn English through games in a very fun way. Duolingo is an app that English beginners can use very effectively.

Hello English

Hello English is an app that helps you learn English very easily, so this app is very popular. Hello English is supported in 22 languages. 475 chapters can be studied as different lessons. The app is designed to provide a dictionary of 10,000 words. In addition, teachers will be assigned for learners.

Hello talk

Hello Talk is an app that allows you to learn English using social networks. Being an app that uses a social network, it is possible to talk to people who are familiar with different languages. This app supports over 100 languages. You can also learn the language using Video call,text messages and pictures. You can learn the language using free video chat without logging in. Another feature is that a lot of people can learn the language they are familiar with. Hello Talk is an app that can be used completely anonymously.

Learn English phrases

Learn English phrases is an app that helps you learn English very simply. It can be considered as an excellent reference guide. Pronouncing can be improved by recording and listening to one’s own voice.


Memrise is an app that many people use to learn English. The app is also unique in that it makes learning easier in different ways. The app supports many languages ​​besides English. Each topic can be studied in detail. Provides word phrases to learn every day.

Google Translate

Google Translate is an app that can be used by those who want to know more about the language. Google Translate is an app that can be used extensively by travelers and travelers to other countries. This is an app that supports 103 languages. It also supports 59 languages ​​offline. Language can be converted from one word to another and from one text to another. Another feature is that what is said is translated over time. Optional words can be added through the phrase book and the camera board can be used to convert the contents of any language to the desired language. Being an app provided by Google, it can be used very faithfully.

The above are some of the most useful apps for those who have difficulty in communicating English.

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