How to apply for covid 19 universal pass with own photo

How to apply for covid 19 universal pass with own photo : Vaccination certificate is required to travel to most places in case of covid outbreak. But many of us do not know what to do to get a universal pass 14 days after taking two dose vaccination. This means that after taking both doses, you will receive a Universal Pass with a photo. This Pass for are not issued by the Central Government and are not issued anywhere in India. Such a pass is provided by the Government of Maharashtra. But any person in India can get such a universal pass after getting two doses of the vaccine and see how to apply for it.

By getting this Universal Pass issued by the Government of Maharashtra, you will receive a pass with your photo affixed to prove that you have been vaccinated for two days. The Universal Pass is one of the most useful passes for train travel. Therefore, anyone can apply for this pass 14 days after taking the two-dose vaccination.

How to apply for covid 19 universal pass with own photo DIGITKERALA

To do so, open the Universal Pass website and select the “Universal Pass for Double Vaccinated Citizen “option on the right. Then enter the mobile number given in the portal when you get vaccinated. Enter the OTP received by the phone number. Click the Submit button below. Now you will get the details of the vaccinated persons on the phone number you have entered. It states that the pass will be issued only 14 days after the second dose.

Then click on Generate Pass‌. Then you can see the details of the person you entered for the pass. You can also upload the photo here. Then click on the Apply button below. You will recieve pass within 24 hour Universal Pass to the phone number you entered. It’s very easy for you to get a universal pass with your vaccination certificate. LINK :

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