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Kerala panchayat application online services – ILGMS  : It is a big problem to have to go into the office regularly for the needs of the Panchayat, and Village Office in general.also often have to go to such institutions even to get small certificates. But with most of the Village Office related services now online, there is a solution. Similarly, where all the services available from the panchayat are available online now. Although many such panchayats had provided services online, most of the panchayats were not included in the list. But you can understand exactly how to apply to get all the services of the panchayat online.

ILGMS is a website used to access panchayat related services. After opening the website, click on the Register button on the right. Here all the information is available in Malayalam. Of the information obtained in this way, two options have been given as open, one as public and the other as institutions. Here you have to choose the Institution option or if it is the Public option then you have to create the account by providing the Aadhaar information. Then click the Continue button.

How to create a account using Aadhar details?

When you have registered, select the Public option and fill in your Aadhaar number, name, email and phone number. Confirm once again that public registration is done. Once the account is properly created, a temporary usable ID and password will be provided to the phone number and email id you provided. Then type in the user ID you received and the temporary password you provided in the Login section. when you click on the Continue button you will get the option to change the password and you can customly create and enter a password.


After changing the password, you will come back to the login page and enter the user ID and the new password, and you can log in by typing the exact number given below. Now fill in all the information related to the house such as your name, house number and location on the Profile Update page. All you have to do is fill in the fields provided by Red Star. You can then change the profile information by clicking the Profile Update button.

Now you will come to the main interface where you will get four options namely drutha certificate, e-file etc..

If the drutha certificate is selected then the option to download birth certificate, death certificate and marriage certificate can be seen.

Click on the e-file option to submit new applications. Here is a detailed description of how each application should be submitted. These will provide all the information related to the panchayat, i.e. building tax and how to submit each application in different categories. All you have to do is fill in the required information and select the option you want. The required documents will have to be uploaded and submitted at the time of submission of applications. So these need to be scanned and stored.

Also, special care should be taken to fill in all the fields that the red star sees while filling the application. Once the application has been submitted in this way. You can see the application you have submitted when you open the submit application. We can see the applications that came back for any reason in the Received Application section. It can be edited and sent,

This way you can now avail panchayat related services online.



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