How to get a health ID card INDIA ?

As the whole country prepares to embark on a digital revolution, the goal is to digitize all documents. As part of this, the Aadhaar card, PAN card and phone number were linked together and documents like Aadhaar were made mandatory for opening anything like bank accounts. Similarly, the government intends to issue a health ID card containing the health information of the people of the country. As part of this, if you have a health ID card, as with other ID cards, you will be able to buy medicine and do insurance-related things. Learn exactly how to get a Health ID card and what are the requirements for it.

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How to get a health ID card?

The health ID card is a card issued by the Central Government covering all aspects of an individual’s health in the country, including a person’s health history, information about continuous medication, and any other form of health insurance used in the health ID card. The uniqueness of this card is that all the people in the country can easily manage their health by getting a health ID card

The Health ID card can be used using a code in the same way as a normal Aadhaar card. Here the address is created using a person’s personal health record or PHR. This is how the PIN is generated. Each person’s health ID is created as @ndhm. At the same time a number will be given on each card.

The ID card will have to be kept on hand for purchasing medicine and insurance matters as usual with the ID cards, which means that all the information about your health will be included in the card and therefore all the information will be available to the affiliate when the card is shown. You can also carry it in the form of a card.

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How to apply for health ID card?

Healthid is a website used to apply for a health ID card. The website used is After opening the website, you can apply for an ID card in two ways, one with your Aadhaar number and the other with your phone number. It is better to use Aadhaar card in this as in the future you will definitely need to link your Health ID card with your Aadhaar card.

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When clicking on the option to register with the Aadhaar card, enter the Aadhaar card number and the phone number provided on the Aadhaar card correctly and click on the Agree button below. Verify the account with it.

You can see your Aadhaar information on the next screen. Here you can change the name only if you want, then enter an address in the PHR address field below.
When you enter your name, if you currently have an account with that name, you will need to enter other names and continue until you find the appropriate one, mainly the number character can only be used to create the account, special characters are not allowed, and a minimum of four characters must be entered.

Then you can enter your email id, district and state information and click the submit button. By doing so, the health ID card is ready. Click on the download button below to download it and you will be able to use the Health ID card in the form of a card.

What are the mportant features of health IDcard?

Digital health record, easy sign up, voluntary Opt in, personal health record, easy to access doctors, special health ID for child, add nominee in the card. inclusive access are the important features of health ID card. Anyone can create and access a health ID card using the above method.

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