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The electric power is usually made of an electric generator,but sources such as electric batteries can be provided. The electric power grid is usually distributed to businesses and households through the electric power grid.


Electricity generation increases the quantity of kWh (3.6 MJ) and the power generation in kilograms is increasing by the hour-long process. Electric Utility Energy, which uses electricity using a single electric meter, keeps all the electricity generated by a customer.

The world, the electrification is thought to be something unstoppable. No power to beat anyone. elactricity power is Death is a strong energy.But this great power has been made in his winnings and Prabhakaran from Idukki suspension bridge. If you use technology that he saw, no one will be shocked. Prabhakaran is an ex-serviceman who excelled in this scientific innovation.It is a rare innovation in the shock that can not be shocked by using a special edging mechanism. Prabhakaran, who retired from the army, joined a unit building with small electric equipments. It then grew as an institution to produce products ranging from stabilizers. That’s when the villain of electric shock is coming.

He said that he and his workers had no power to strike. It is then that the prabhakaran thinks about making a device as a solution. Prabhakaran succeeded in the very end of the experiment.If the device manufactured by Prabhakaran is connected to the house, then there is no shock from the power of the house. This technique is made possible through a special type of irrigation system. This instrument is currently modeled at Prabhakaran’s laboratory.

This device was not only available at home but also in laboratories till KSEB’s electric line. Prabhakaran can apply for the patent of this tool to create a miracle in the science field, so the answer to more questions about the technology of the device can be answered later.

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