How to Download and Print your Android Call Log History

One of the most common problems we all face is the inability to check the call history of the phone. This means that in some emergencies, missed calls, received calls, and the number of calls we make are not uncommon. Landline users need to approach the telephone exchange to get this kind of call history. We can get call history by paying a fixed fee. However, call history can only be obtained on the mobile phone with the help of a network operator. But you can learn exactly how to get the call history that you used on your phone a long time ago and how to share it with others.

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E2PDF – Backup, Restore, SMS, call, contact, truecaller – is an app that can be used to get call history on your mobile phone. This app has a 4.3 star rating on Play Store and is currently used by 5M + users. With this app you can get not only call history but also SMS, contact, and even chat messages with your friends in PDF format. Therefore, E2 PDF is an app that can be used very effectively in case all the business related SMS is lost. The call history itself gives you information about the number you dialed, missed call, call numbers, and the numbers you received and received back. This will allow them to back up all of your call information and share any information you may need in an emergency situation.

How to use E2PDF App?

You can install the app from the Play Store using the link provided above.After opening the application, read everything on the page and tick the check box below. Then click on the Proceed button. Click on Continue at the bottom of the current page. Now you can see the information you need to back up. Here you can choose between SMS and General Call log as per your requirement. If you want to back up all your call information in PDF format, you can select the General Call Log option.

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When you get the call log details like this, enter the date from which it is required and select it from the option. Select exactly from which date you want the call details. Also, if you only want the received call history in the call list, select it as required and then click on the Export to PDF button below. Now you will get a call history of this type by selecting the date in a matter of seconds. You can also view call time and other information. Then if anyone wants to share, there is a share option right here.

If you want to save it on your phone, just open the file manager and open the folder named after the app. This way you can save the information in the file manager at any time.

What are thr imporant features of E2PDF?

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Using SMS backup and restore you can restore your past SMS details in PDF format, it is very helpful for you to share call history details with in emergency situation. Once the backup is created you can use it anytime. Using the call log option you can backup and restore your call history in XML format. specific contact details is also provided in this app. Also it show that SMS statistics, Google Contact Backup, optional contact etc.. In an emergency situation you can utilise E2PDF app very effectively.


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